Social Media Strategy

By: Mel Joelle

The terms “social” means Society with full of people, “media” means through which you reach the people and “strategy” means plan of action prepared to reach your set long term goals. Totally to say, Social Media Strategy means the Operational configuration of planning and getting co-ordination between all functions and activities through which you reach the masses of people for effective business. Communication media of today attracting worldwide customers at a glance. Strategy of effective communication is a subset of normal business strategy. The communication strategy communicates various messages to all the people in an effective manner through any social media thus developing business enhancement. Business Advertisements in the media channels and websites are the examples of this Social Media.

By this social media strategy, you could be most successful if your plan of action is perfect. But some are failing due to the missing of organizational alignment in the company by failing communication strategy. All the departments including advertising, marketing, human resource and personal relations should work to their best to achieve the alignment. All the stakeholders of your company want to interact with you and to share their views on products and services. If you give an ear for them, then your business will be surely successful. A well planned social media strategic planning based on listening to your customers opinions will deepen the relationships with your customers and can meet the needs of the people.

Social Media strategy includes the following steps to consider for smooth running of business. Firstly listening to the customers worldwide. Relaying communication conversations to all. You should determine the methods to create and build workflow from top level management to lower level. Understand the customers how your company understanding the people needs. You should develop a plan to reach various communities and to collect their comments. Social networks often communicate with each other and share their views personally. You should create one environment to post all their views. Of all the least but most important is paying your attention to build awareness and encourage relationship through media with all sorts of people. Then Social Media Strategy for businesses will be surely on the right path and enables your company to escape from crisis.

SMART tool should be used to achieve Social Media Strategy. SMART includes specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time based changes. Following the SMART enhances a great change in the company thus achieving realistic long term goals and objectives. The main motto of Social Media Strategy is just not reaching masses and injecting your message. It is more than reaching the audience by developing relationships with them, having conversations and getting insight to the view of each and every customer. Creating awareness about the brand to all through social media channel increases the customers for the first time. If the brand product deserves the price they offered, then they will try to use that product again. Thus gaining further business from them.

Feedbacks collected through social media channels shall be taken as challenge and should enhance the product or service to the best. Thus customers will satisfy and won’t leave the brand. A strategy should then develop to meet the requirements of the people. Effective strategy brings change in the overall operational activities of the company. Your strategy should include time spent listening, establishing relationships with audience, tracking the views and prioritizing the time. Your business will be successful and will be in the first position if you follow the above strategy.

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