Social Media Marketing – Tumblr Can Be Your Secret Weapon for Effective SEO and SEM

By: Ezra Mueller

Post Panda update, social media has gained tremendous importance in the SEO world. Google loves social media because it involves genuine opinions of people. For instance, you cannot make a visitor share a page unless the content is really good. Today, social media is not restricted to Facebook and Twitter. There are so many other equally effective but unfortunately neglected channels of marketing.

In the recent times, Pinterest has shown its potential by becoming the third highest used social media marketing channel. YouTube, of course, is still reigning in its own domain. Tumblr, another social media channel, somehow gets less importance than it actually deserves. If you know how to use it to its full potential, Tumblr can get you excellent results, especially if your target clientele is youth. In fact, on many fronts, Tumblr earns more brownie points than other social media sites.

What is Tumbr?

For people who are not aware of Tumblr, it is a kind of blogging platform that combines the functionality of Facebook and Twitter. Tumblr gives you a blog of your own where you can post content. However, unlike conventional blogs, Tumblr is a microblogging portal, which means that you cannot post lengthy write-ups on it.

Once your post is on your Tumblr blog, you can share it with other users. Also, other Tumblr users who are looking for related content can follow you. You can share almost everything on this platform, be it videos, music, photos, text or something else. What is more, Tumblr can be accessed through smart phones as well.

Statistics talk

According to the statistics released in August 2013, Tumblr has a registered 130.5 million blogs. The social media platform receives over 300 million unique visitors every month. Half of Tumblr users are below the age of 25. Also, 53.5 percent of visitors to this platform are female. Now, these facts are pure music to the ears of a marketing expert.

How can you use Tumblr for marketing?

Be it from the point of view of marketing or SEO, you need “do follow” links. In Tumblr, all links formed when users follow one another are “do follow”. This is one of the biggest benefits of Tumblr. Do keep in mind that most of the other social media sites do not provide do follow links.

Another advantage with regard to link building is that when you share or reblog your blog on Tumblr, every share is a do-follow backlink. This means that if your reblog 50 times, you get 50 do-follow links effortlessly. All these links are linked to your original post.

Second, the user base of this platform is enormous. You are sure to find people belonging to your geography and interested in your niche. So, you essentially have a treasure house on this site.

Thirdly, you can use Tumblr as a testing ground for your content. Instead of wasting your precious marketing time and budget on testing your content in various sites, simply use them on Tumblr and test the ones that get maximum reblogs.

Fourth, the engagement value on tumblr is very high because you can give them interesting content to see or read. Also, by regularly posting new content and reblogging, you can retain your followers and build a clientele. This is a huge benefit for your traffic generation campaign as well.

So, do not underestimate the potential of Tumblr. It is undoubtedly a great social media marketing channel.

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Social Media Marketing is an effective Internet marketing / SEO strategy which has gained significant importance lately due to the emerging social media and the priority Google gives it now. To know more about social media marketing simply visit this site.

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