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Social bookmarking has evolved into an SEO phenomenon from its simple origins. There was a time when bookmarking a site on your browser was enough. That was back when Internet Explorer was the de facto web browser. Then Mozilla began to challenge the monolith that IE was. That became a little troublesome, because now you would need to create two bookmarks for two different browsers. Then came the last straw - you could not access the bookmarks on your office computer from your home computer, and vice versa. To solve this problem, social bookmarking sites sprung up.

Social bookmarking sites are websites where you can bookmark your favorite sites. You can tag sites according to particular keywords. If you let other users see your bookmarks, they will also contribute tags to those sites. This way, particular website will have dozens of relevant tags submitted by users. And as more and more users visited these sites, guided by the tags, website owners sensed a marketing opportunity.

Now website owners hire experts who provide social bookmarking services. Social bookmarking services involve submission of site URLs to various social bookmarking websites with relevant tags. Because these sites, once featured on the social bookmarking site, will be indexed on search engines fairly quickly, social bookmarking services are often offered as part of SEO.

Social bookmarking services have a list of the best social bookmarking sites. Some of their favorites are listed here:

Definitely the pioneer as far as social bookmarking is concerned. Because the site is owned by Yahoo!, many of the tags here are used by the search engine giant for indexing web pages. No wonder this site remains a favorite with social bookmarking services. This site also has the largest number of users, increasing chances of drawing visitors to the sites that are bookmarked.

2. Furl
Furl is almost as old as This social bookmarking site is a user-friendly tool, which is why it is popular with social bookmarking services. You can sort bookmarks by date or tag. You can add relevant information apart from keywords to each bookmark.

3. Ma.gnolia
Ma.gnolia is a social bookmarking site that allows users to rate bookmarks, tag them, and edit them. You can also search bookmarks like keywords on a search engine. One advantage of using this social bookmarking site is that the site saves the current webpage when you add a bookmark. This feature draws more visitors to site. No wonder social bookmarking services love this feature!

4. Bluedot
Bluedot is more like a combination of social networking and social bookmarking. Users create a profile, adding information about themselves. They bookmark their favorite sites. And then invite other people to create profiles and bookmarks on the site.

4. Simpy
Simpy offers social bookmarking that involves the entire community. This networking between community members is a feature that social bookmarking services love to exploit. After all, a site recommended by a member of a close-knit online community carries more weight than a random website.

5. Google Bookmarks
Many people use this tool because it easy to migrate to if you have a Gmail account. This tool has many advantages, its easy user interface being one.

Now that you know the best tagging sites for your website, you can ask social bookmarking services to start submitting your site. Within a week, you will see great results.

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