So You Want To Write A Novel But Donít Know Where To Start?

By: William Penworthy

So you want to write a novel, and are looking for novel writing tips or advice on how to write a novel? Perhaps you have imagined being able to walk into a bookstore and see your own novel sitting on the shelves, or perhaps catching sight of someone sitting reading your novel? For anyone who has ever thought about writing their own novel, these and many other thoughts may come easily to mind. But then there comes that moment...

Youíre sitting at your desk, pen and paper in hand, or sitting at your computer, a stark blank white screen staring back at you as your fingers hang poised over the keys which are to turn you into an author. But then what? Do you find that youíre simply stuck for ideas? Or perhaps you have an idea, but have no clue where to start? A new novel can be a daunting prospect, and getting started can seem to be the biggest hurdle of all.

For any writer, there can be little to compare to the anguish of staring at a blank white sheet of paper or a blank white screen. Perhaps you can see your novel in your head - even imagine holding it in your hands - but how do you get it from inside your head out into the real world for other people to hold, read and enjoy?

As far as how to write a novel is concerned, there is no one right answer. Authors are a very varied bunch of people, and some will spent years researching and planning their book in minute detail before ever committing to actually writing the first chapter. Other authors take a different approach and start hammering out the first thoughts that come into their heads, aware that much of it will need a great deal of revising and redrafting. But sometimes if youíre stuck, facing writerís block, the best way is just to get started. Write anything - the first things which pop into your head. A sheet of paper or a screen with words on is a lot less terrifying than a blank page, even if youíre quite sure that those initial words will be re-written or even deleted entirely.

What makes an author? Clearly it is someone who writes books and has them published. But thatís a very simplistic approach, because the real work is in the writing of the book. The development of the story. To understand how you can be an author you need to understand how to write a novel, and to achieve this youíll need some tried and tested novel writing tips. Who better to provide novel writing tips and advice on how to write a novel and get your own book published than a successful author who has been there?

Remember, every successful author in the world started as you are now - unpublished, and with nothing written that was of any value. Every author has to start out writing their first word, planning the first page, drafting the first chapter and wondering whether anyone in the world will ever actually read their words. In order to learn how to write a novel it will be important to take the advice of someone who has been on that journey, able to offer advice based on the lessons they had to learn.

Being a writer or an author can be a lonely business, sitting for hours and hours all alone creating imaginary worlds and fictional characters, weaving a plot that exists only in the authorís mind. But the feeling of writing the last word, placing the final full stop on the last page of your novel, and seeing your book listed on Amazon, or sitting on the shelves of your local bookshop is something which only another author can truly appreciate and understand.

If you feel you really want to write a novel, and have your own book published, then it will make a tremendous difference to your eventual success and enjoyment of the experience to pick up on some valuable novel writing tips that will help pull that story in your head out into the real world in a way which will maximise the chance that your name will sit on the shelves of bookshops all across the country.

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