Snoring - Looking for a Cure or Treatment Remedy?

By: Michele Miller

It's a nuisance, that's for sure. You're sleeping partner cannot sleep properly if you're snoring, and you can't either. When you snore you don't get a good night's rest yourself.

Snoring happens when your soft palate and uvula partially block your airway while you're sleeping.

Sometimes, snoring is caused by sleep apnea, and this is when your airway is completely blocked by the soft palate and uvula, or even your tongue. When people have sleep apnea, they often awaken to take a breath. This interrupts sleep and often makes you tired in the daytime hours. If you think you have sleep apnea, this should be evaluated by a physician.

Sometimes, a common cold, allergies, or enlarged adenoids can cause snoring. It can also be caused by drinking alcohol, or taking certain medications.

But for some people, there seems to be no real reason why snoring occurs. It's a common problem, one which many people suffer from.

There are many non-surgical remedies, and you might have tried some of these, such as a special pillow to make you sleep on your side, which usually closes the mouth and can prevent mild snoring.

There is also a device called a "snore ball", which is placed in a pouch on the back of your pajamas. When you go to sleep on your back the ball feels uncomfortable and makes you change position. This can also cause you to wake up too, so it doesn't always solve your snoring problem.

You can even get a snoring monitor that beeps when you lay on your back. This can be very irritating to those sleeping in the same room however, and the downside is that this too disturbs your sleep, reminding you to change position.

Nasal strips have become popular because they are available without a prescription, and they open the nasal passages. This does provide some relief for people that snore, but it's not a permanent cure. However, for some people this has solved the snoring problem.

If you've tried any of these remedies without much relief,you've probably even looked into oral appliances and tongue retraining appliances. However, these are not the most comfortable things to wear.

Excess weight can contribute to snoring because excess skin in the neck area provides more tissue for the air to vibrate against. Losing weight can solve the snoring problem for some people, and can also improve general health, and give you a better night's sleep. If you feel you are overweight, it would be prudent to try and lose a few pounds and see if this makes a difference in your snoring habits.

If you've tried avoiding alcohol, dairy products, fried foods, chocolate etc., and your weight is under control, you're probably quite frustrated by now that you are still snoring!

Surgical options are available, but these can be invasive and expensive, and they don't always work as well as people hope they will.

Some of the side effects of surgery are irritation to the tissues and possible scarring, post-operative infections, possible speech defects, swallowing problems, dry mouth, and a whole host of other possible complications. It's no wonder most people do not want to seek a surgical solution.

If you've been evaluated by a physician for snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea has been ruled out, and you've tried all the remedies known to man, it may be time to consider other options. It is possible to get a good night's sleep without snoring, but it may take some research to find what works for you.

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