Smokers Thoughts – How to Pass a Drug Test?

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Can smokers pass a drug test easily? Studies have shown that chronic smokers cannot easily get out of the tests clean that easily. They need a long time to get rid of the toxic materials off from their bodies. Chronic smokers do need about a month’s time to pass urine test for drugs. In fact, chronic smokers can also take about 8 weeks to pass the test. People who are smokers and also practice some exercise on a regular basis can actually look forward to getting better results when it comes to drug testing.

While smokers do run the risk of carrying the toxicity of the drugs for a longer time, the type of body that you have may also be an important factor in determining how much time it will take for your body to release off the toxic materials from your body after you have used a drug. People who weigh about 200 pounds but have muscles all over instead of fat, they have a very fat chance of passing the urine test much more than someone who weighs the same and has more fat instead of muscles. Since the metabolic rates of a person raise very slowly it may not be of use if you do drugs and then start exercising for a week to get a clean outcome on a test for drug use. If you are a regular smoker even if that means you smoke 2 or 3 cigarettes a day you will probably take about one or two months to get rid of the effects of the smoke you last had.

Individuals who smoke very irregularly like a cigarette a month you can expect to pass a drug test if you abstain for 10 days at the minimum. The key behind all this is the time frame. Since fat cells recirculate slowly, it is very important that you conduct some kind of home test. However, you must also remember that since no two bodies may be the same, there cannot be a particular time frame for all the types of bodies. Each body has its own capacity and limits. Based on your weight, the regime you follow for exercise and the time you give yourself to come clean you may actually be able to pass a test.
A lot of individuals may use dilution as a technique when it comes to answer to questions like ‘how to pass a drug test’ but you must know that this method may not work a 100%. Again, adding water to your system may simply bring down the amount of metabolites but it does not simply eliminate the presence of them. You must also know that as soon as you stop with the water drinking your level of metabolites would raise again.

If you have been wondering how to pass a drug test then you must know that there are home drug test kits where you will also find urine test kits that you may like to try before you go in for an actual one.

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