Smoke Without the Disgusting Smell or Secondhand Smoke

By: Rod Gray

Why do people hate the smell of cigarettes! Personally I don’t mind it, but it drives some people crazy. As all smokers know, the government has gone so as to accommodate these sensitive types by “banning” cigarettes from restaurants, public areas and airports. I guess you can’t blame them, but, don’t we all have rights? Now smokers can smoke where they want with the ICIG electronic cigarette.

If you want to keep smoking and get your nicotine fix whenever you want to, try the ICIG electronic cigarette. You can beat all government bands with the ICIG. I found several articles like the one by Jude Law’s ex-wife who have beat smoking bans with the ICIG electronic cigarette. So if the movie stars use them, hey you should check it out as well. Many of the health oriented Internet sites say that smoking cessation devices, such as ICIG electronic cigarettes, help people who want to stop smoking. It of course still has the nicotine in it, but people using the ICIG electronic cigarette say it’s a lot like smoking without the cancer causing side effects.

England started using electronic cigarettes far earlier than here in America. Many of their most famous pubs and nightclubs (such as the popular celebrity haunt China White) have been promoting electronic cigarettes so as to allow their patrons to smoke inside without flouting the smoking ban. Nicole Cammack took their advice and now smokes in restaurants without violating the law. Nicole Cammack says she likes them because “they are elegant and don’t make your hands smell.” That’s a good thing, right!!!

Another great thing about the ICIG electronic cigarette is that it reduces the causes of secondhand smoke for our families and workplace. We never want to intentionally harm our children so the ICIG is a great solution to keep everyone happy and our families safe. We know that the Surgeon General’s report has many statistics to show the damage that second hand smoke can cause, so feel confident that you are doing your best to help the environment clean with the premier ICIG electronic cigarettes.

The ICIG electronic cigarette is the answer smokers have been searching for. All the flavor and pleasure of a good smoke without the hassles associated with smoking in public -- and the price is good too. So come check out and break away from ordinary cigarettes.

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