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Smile designing is a procedure, is which gaining wider consideration for its impeccable success or previously it was a costly affair, but now with the introduction of modern tools the process has become comparatively less costly and any one can have it. It is a complex process which consists of different steps. It is a complete assessing of the individual smile and redesigning the smile which matches the personality of the person. Now you can achieve your dream smile with the process of smile designing. With porcelain veneers, gum lines and crowns, dental implants and teeth whitening you can get your perfect smile.

Smile designing is a complex process which takes into considerations various aspects of the facial structure such as color of the eyes, position of nose, color of the complexion and many more. Many people have notion that smile designing is the process wherein one can correct their tooth abnormalities, but smile designing is rather a wholesome concept. It is associated with the enhancement of the aesthetic beauty of the person.

Consultation- The patient or the individual need to consult a qualified surgeon who will reveal the exact pros and cons of the smile designing process. The surgeons will explore you the type of smile designing you want, based on the surgeon experience or she will provide the patients with the best possible smile designing samples that will suit the face of the person. The surgeon will further show the samples of smile which they have in a book or in digital form. The sample book will contain pictures of different teethes shapes and arrangements in order to let you decide which pictures appeals you.

Once the patients choose a particular smile, then the process begins . The entire process begins. In the entire process the preference of the patients is given utmost importance. The surgeon creates or alters the dental orientation of the patientís teeth in order to create the desired smile. The entire process is a bit lengthy, but highly effective. During the process minor changes are made to the patientís dental structure or it may be major depending on the requirement.

If you are someone who doesn't want to go through this highly complex process then you can opt for Invisible Braces. These braces are highly used and effective in treating dental problem. Unlike Smile Designing it does not involve high end technology and surgeons. It does not alter the smile of the person. It is only associated with correcting the tooth abnormalities of the patients. Invisible braces are clear live aligners which can rectify common like crooked teeth, spacious teeth, miss-aligned teeth, overlapping teeth and so on. These aligners can treat even the most serious dental problems. In this treatment a aligner is made which matches the current tooth
teeth bit by bit over a long period of time and thus finally bringing the teeth in their proper aligned shape. This gives perfectly aligned teeth over a period of time.

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