Smart phones that can read minds:

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News from CNN informed that in the next version of Smart phone by Samsung, they will be releasing a new feature called ‘Smart Sense’. This feature will have a new characteristic and that will be to read minds of people. And not just that, Smartphone will not only be able to read our minds but will also be able to trace out the pupils of our eyes just like reading body language or lip movements.
In simple terms, the feature of this new smart phone will work by the front camera of Samsung. The camera will remain active at all time and trace the eye pattern of the users who will be using it. This pattern can then be traced and it helps the sensing feature to work on these bases.
But according to that news story, the feature is just a small step towards a big achievement. As the feature will only be able to help people scroll menus and turn the pages when reading e books.
While on the positive side, the feature is a big success and it should be noted that this is the first time any mobile is introducing a feature that can help mobile interaction without any sort of physical Contact. In Samsung S III, Samsung previously introduced a camera feature that can turn the screen light off or on depending on the pupil's of the human face.
Another important thing that needs to be published here is that, till now only Samsung has emerged as the brightest competitor against iPhones from Apple, because at least 18million Samsung SIII smart phones have been sold till now. And only time will tell how many more will be sold. Second thing that is important about Samsung and IPhone battle is that who will win at the end?
Well, whoever wins, but it’s sure that we will be watching some great phones being launched in the next few years. And like they earlier said in MWC event… that time is not far away when people will be using just one cube as a phone. And that cube will be able to provide all type of multimedia activities needed by a normal person for everyday life.
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