Smart Ways to Save on the Costs of Hardwood Floors

By: Robert Thomson

If you're debating whether or not you should install wood flooring in the home, rest assured that you'll be making a smart investment to your property. Although the costs of hardwood floors are more expensive than other floor types, they can last a lifetime when cared for properly. If you're concerned about the wood being too soft or easily dented, remember that wood ages over time and that dents and dings give it an authentic look. And when choosing hardwood flooring from the USA, you're supporting the economy and making an eco-friendly choice for the home.

Price is always one of the biggest factors when tackling any home improvement project. You want to choose a durable and beautiful looking floor, while staying within a reasonable budget. To do this with wood flooring, it's important that you consider all the costs of hardwood floors. If you look at the attractive prices per square foot, you may be misled that the flooring project will be much less than what it actually will be. To help, make a breakdown of all the supplies and labor costs.

When installing hardwood flooring, you'll first need to decide on the type of floor. In general, you can choose between solid or engineered wood. Solid wood is made entirely of wood and has the advantage that it can be sanded down and re-stained at a later date. It is also the more expensive wood type and has vulnerabilities to moisture, plus requires a labor intensive installation method of hammering the boards into a wooden subfloor.

Engineered wood is not made from solid wood, but features a wood top. It's more affordable and because the installation process is a snap-and-lock one, many people save on the cost of installation by a professional. Engineered wood is considered a floating floor, so the boards will expand and contract over the subfloor, with less susceptibility to moisture.

With the added perks and affordability of engineered wood, many people choose this floor over solid wood. And, there are less specialized tools needed, although you will need some handyman skills to accomplish the installation. However, it's not nearly as involved as having to hammer and nail all the floorboards into a subfloor. Once you've made your decision as to what flooring you need, you'll also need to choose the type of wood.

For example, domestic and international selections are equally available. There are pros and cons to each; some people feel most comfortable purchasing domestic wood that comes from well-maintained forests in the USA. Others enjoy the international wood that possesses unique colors and grain patterns. In general, domestic wood is cheaper, although the price difference may be smaller than you think, as international wood is a more viable choice in today's market.

If you do choose to hire a professional installer, you'll also need to gather quotes from contractors. If you choose to shop through a flooring company, they will take care of everything, including the materials and the cost of the installer. Yet this will be the most expensive route, even though it may be most convenient. If you're looking to save on the costs of hardwood floors, consider shopping wholesale and hiring a private contractor instead.

Shopping wholesale is a surefire way to save on the costs of materials, as you don't have to cover the high overhead costs. Instead, you pay just for materials and some of them are very affordable. Browse through wholesaler websites to see who has the most selection available. Also look for sales, as some wholesalers will clearance certain floors, as long as they're picked up or shipped by a certain date. When you have purchased the materials, you can hire a contractor and work out a fair and affordable price.

Hardwood flooring is indeed a more expensive floor, but one that continues to retain its value. Having wood floors in the home will help it to sell better and keep consistent with the latest trends. And with so many ways to shop, take advantage of wholesale prices and hire contractors via the internet, it has never been easier to save on the costs of hardwood floors.

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