Smart Phone Addiction Without Your Knowing

By: adam222

When asked what poison was, a great personality once replied- anything that is consumed excessively. A resourceful and useful tool otherwise, your smartphone lets you stay smart unless and until you know how to make smart use of it. Same is the case with smart phones. They have sneaked into our social conversations, into the dinner table, meetings, a quiet time alone and anywhere that we are without our realization. It is the first thing people reach for when they wake up and the last thing they touch at the end of the day, while going to sleep. People have become so much habituated with constantly reaching for their phones that they do not realize the time and place that they are in.
It is astonishing how the latest smartphones top our wish list instead of vacations or other things that actually bring us joy. Also, the fact that smartphones have become a necessity is not less surprising. Not a very long time ago, they didnít even exist. The addiction is getting worse. People choose to make use of their leisure time on social media applications on their phone instead of actually meeting them in person. We are constantly in touch with our friends and relatives abroad but at a growing distance with people that we meet in our day-to-day lives. We have become very much reliant on this piece of device for communication; it is starting to replace real human interactions. Exchanging regards over the phone messenger, sending virtual hugs and kisses to ones we care is starting to substitute real human contacts. We have become mechanical and are losing our human touch.
The latest phones make things a lot simpler and quicker but we donít seem to have enough time for things that actually matter. It gets more of our things done in lesser time but it is ironical that we spend much of our spare time on the very device that saves us time. It is about time we realize that our socializing skills are suffering and our ability to maintain social relationships is taking the blow.
We could take the first step by limiting the time we spend using our phone. Making strict rules for ourselves to not bring with us our mobilephones in specific places like the dining room, bedroom and others may help to restore us to our true selves instead of the obsessive compulsive disordered people that we have become.

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