Small Businesses Must Have Testimonials; Even Video Testimonials

By: Kelly Singleton

If you're a small business owner there is one must-have in your advertising armor. Testimonials! They play a huge role in building credibility with potential customers. A good testimonial can close a deal. Potential customers are more apt to buy your service or product when they see or hear from other happy customers. And by utilizing the power of video, these testimonials on your website and uploaded on video hosting sites can really seal the deal.
Let's look at some ways we can make testimonials an effective part of our marketing campaigns.
Collect Them
Small business owners have to make an effort to collect testimonials. Pay attention to your customers and what they are saying. If they happen to be in your place of business, ask them if you can record them on video or write down what they have to say about your business. Make sure they share their experience with your business, not just a blanket, "you're great" statement! Set up a file for testimonials so you don't lose them. Send your customers an email or postcard that asks them what they think about your product or service. You'll be pleased at the positive comments that are out there just waiting to be netted! Make sure you ask your customers different questions so you have varied answers. And don't ask them questions that result in yes or no answers.
Mix it Up
Different things appeal to different people. If you want to catch the attention of a varied audience, use a variety of testimonials. You'll be showcasing a spectrum of benefits that your business generates while putting different "flavors" out to attract a wide range of customer tastes.
Get Specific
I hinted on this when you are collecting testimonials. A testimonial such as, "I really liked this product a lot" gives a potential customer nothing to go on! Pick and choose only the best testimonials. If you aren't getting good testimonials you might not be asking the right questions. Pick the testimonials that really motivate the customer to make a move!
Identify Customers Giving the Testimonial
Use the customer's entire name, city and state of where they live. To even add to the legitimacy, add the person's occupation. The worst thing you can do is just use the first name and last initial for a testimonial. It comes across as made up and unbelievable. Again, remember a video testimonial can capture the real deal as it's person talking about your product or service live and being "real" about it. I would much rather get a reference from someone I can see rather than reading how great you are from a John B in Texas.
Testimonials Should Stand Out
Once you've gone through all of the effort to gather up interesting testimonials, you might as well make them shine. Highlight, use bold text or italics, quotation marks ...whatever it takes to make them outstanding. Web pages are great for highlighting testimonials. It's easy put them in attention getting colored boxes, or accent with clip art. You might want to even spread them out in groups to add interest to your page. Edit several video testimonials together and upload it on your website. Make sure to also upload the testimonials on other free video hosting websites such as YouTube and Adwido.
Sure testimonials take a little bit of time but they are well worth the effort and can be pure gold for marketers. So start asking your customers for their help and input. You will be glad you did!

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