Siren Sounds The Variety You Get for Emergencies

By: Sunil Punjabi

There is a wide variety of siren sounds which are built into a good siren. The effectiveness of these sirens often determines how useful the siren turns out to be. When it comes to these tones, there are two features that are of extreme importance. Firstly, the tones can be accessed with the help of Scan Lock mechanism and a momentary recessed switch, so that you can scan all the sounds easily and pick and choose the tone which is desired in a particular situation. The most common tones include default Wail, piercer and Yelp. Special switches can be customised for a few select sounds which are used most often.

To enhance the effectiveness of siren sounds, 100 Watt speakers and amplifiers are used. Sometimes a PA volume control knob is used to adjust the audio level of the sirens to the desired level. Air horn and Hi/Low are two other commonly used sirens which are used during emergencies. There are as many as 5 optional switch panels which are present in the sirens to make operation extremely easy. In fact, users can customise the knobs so that they can adjust the rotatory positions to the siren tone of their choice. Besides there is a manual override button which allows you to play default siren tones picked by you for sending a specific signal. It is also possible to control the siren tones through separate switches as well as a horn ring. Moreover, there are special activation switches for air horn or transfer switch as well.

siren sounds can also be conveniently operated with the help of dip switches. These are usually present on remote amplifiers and can help in configuring the amplifier and user operation. The sirens also come with knobs for adjusting the frequency of the sound if required. As a result you could choose between low frequency and high frequency sounds. Low frequency sounds have a greater penetration while high frequency piercer sounds can be effective in attracting attention of motorists close by over the usual din. Advanced sirens not only have the normal tones but also air horn tones with rich harmonic composite variety. Noise cancellation microphones are integrated into the system to ensure that there is clarity in the tones.

siren sounds from different sirens can also be synced with the help of the scan lock switch usually located in the rear end of the equipment. The same tones can then be set in all of them. There is a 4-position or 7-position programmable switch for operation of the tones. There are sirens that provide clear-to-hear siren tones that can be heard in all kinds of noisy conditions. Momentary switches for the sirens make operation extremely easy. The hands-free operation usually has multiple positions that can be set without a user dedicated to operating the siren. The sirens also have 3-position toggle switches. There are special products where the lights and the sirens can be integrated to complement each other to create a more effective alerting signal.

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