Siren Police Vehicles Can Really Benefit From During Emergencies

By: Sunil Punjabi

Siren police vehicles can benefit from during emergencies should offer reliability and versatility. There isnít much to worry about as the advanced siren equipment makes use of technology to offer effectiveness and efficiency. Full function sirens come with at least 2 100Watt speakers along with a rugged microphone that is designed for heavy duty usage. Top quality sirens come with as many as 17 Scan Lock siren tones from which the perfect one for any situation can be selected. The siren allows you to control the tones with the help of a momentary recessed switch. This is either located on the panel or on the back end of the unit. Another fascinating aspect of advanced sirens is the user customisation available. It is quite possible to place the right tones at the right points on a rotary knob for ease of operation.

Another useful feature in a Siren police vehicles will benefit from is hands free or remote control, which allows one to operate it with ease without someone dedicated to operate it. Apart from the normal siren tones, you would also find public address system and radio repeat, which are two essential features of any siren. Police vehicles should make use of sirens which meet all the desired specifications set by SAE and California Title 13. This lends more credibility to the equipment ensuring that you wouldnít get any unpleasant surprises during an emergency.

You will also find a push to talk button in a good quality siren. Police vehicles make use of public address system from time to time so that important announcements can be made. There is also a switch for horn ring transfer as well as for turning power supply on and off. There are special switches to access three or four siren tones when required in an emergency. Similarly, there are sirens where a default tone can be used with a manual override button. Some sirens have two additional manual tones as well. Moreover, a plug-in unidirectional microphone is provided. It is pre-wired for convenience, along with a volume control knob. The circuit is secured from reverse polarity and short circuiting problems.

Adjustable bail brackets are provided with a good quality siren. Police vehicles can also benefit from activation switches for horn and ring control. The sirens are also designed to complement dash light and deck light products. There are special features available in sirens such as the park-kill which can be used from time to time. There is a quick disconnect plug as well as a relay to ground connection which makes sirens very useful. Sirens come with removable microphones and volume control knobs. One neednít worry about upgrades or servicing, considering that most of the equipment is backwards compatible and has a hassle free warranty for 2 years. Apart from the choice of siren tones and customisable switches, you would also find adjustability in terms of mounting hardware. You can mount the sirens externally or internally depending upon your choice, although the sirens are built tough and rugged.

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