Sinusitis - A Major ENT Condition

By: Rakhi Kaptiyal

In the United States alone around 40 million people are affected by this infection every year, with more women reporting cases than men. It is surprising to know that less than 50% of the cases reported have occurred due to a bacterial infection. The rest are known to occur because of viral or fungal infections and allergic reactions. Since sinus infections affect the entire respiratory tract present inside the head of the individual, thus it is regarded as an ENT condition and many specialists are involved in providing sinus treatment options to their patients.

The main viral causes of sinusitis are influenza (common cold), parainfluenza and rhinovirus. The bacteria which are most to blame for this condition are the haemophilus influenza and S. pneumonia. In addition to these, fungal infections can occur in individuals who are suffering from diseases which reduce the strength of the immune system. These leave them susceptible to simple infections, which can cause a case of sinusitis.

The common symptoms that are noticed in an individual suffering from a case of sinusitis are sneezing, cough, colored nasal discharge, fever, headaches, nasal congestion, facial pain and tenderness, toothaches and watery eyes. People who constantly suffer from regular sinus infections learn to identify these symptoms which will allow proper treatment to be carried out. However, at times it can get quite difficult to diagnose the condition, as many of the symptoms are similar to common cold and other ENT related infections.

Some patients who show an inclination of responding to antibiotic treatments confirmed that in mild dosages, antibiotic treatments proved quite effective for treating bacteria-induced sinus infections. If these infections do not seem to abate after some time, then it could be possible that you may need surgical intervention. Biological anomalies, such as a deviated septum can often lead to recurring sinus infections. A simple surgical procedure can fix the problem and reduce your discomfort. If these steps seem too drastic for you, then there are a number of sinus home remedies which can be made using simple items available around the home. These have proven to be quite safe and effective for people using them.

For people who are worried about their sinus conditions and their infections are taking place for a long time period, it is advised that you consult a qualified ENT physician, as he will be able to analyze the cause of your infection and provide appropriate treatment options. This infection should not be ignored, as its spread could cause severe damage, given its proximity to vital organs such as eyes and the brain. Stay healthy and stay safe with proper sinus treatment options.

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