Simple Ways You Can Save Water in Your House

By: Thomas Leo

Water is fast becoming scarce. With countries all over the world speaking about having only weeks of water supply for entire townships, it is time for the common man to take a look at their water consumption, and take the necessary steps to save what is being dubbed 'blue gold'.

The simplest step is the one that we can take when we are brushing our teeth. Traditionally, people have the habit of keeping the tap open when they are brushing teeth and they use the flowing water a couple of times to clean up the brush. They can save a considerable amount of water by keeping the tap closed and opening it to use water only when we need it during brushing.

Use the same concept while washing vegetables. Instead of washing vegetables under running water another waste of water use stored water to wash fruits and vegetables. Instead of throwing the water used for washing vegetables and fruits, you can use it to water plants in the house and outside. If you have a fish bowl, use the discarded water for plant watering. This will not only provide necessary nutrients to the plants, but will save water too.

Another way to save water is to refrain from showers. Showering is the most blatant misuse of water. Some showers use more than two gallons of water per minute. Either you can install the low flow showers in your house, or you can shower straight from the bucket. If you use bathtubs economically, you are not wasting water. Ensure that you do not fill a bathtub more than twice for a single bath.

If you have a garden, ration the amount of water that you use for watering the plants. Seldom have any plants required watering every day. Some hardcore water savers would actually tell you not to have a garden at all, but that would be too brutal on someone who likes flowers and plants a lot. The best way to solve this issue is to learn a bit about flowers and plants, and find out which would require the least amount of water required.

Avoid flushing cigarette butts and other such small materials in the flush of the house. Flushing uses a lot of water, and it would be ridiculous to use such an amount of water one can throw such garbage in the bin, which the garbage truck picks up the next day.

You can also save a lot of water if you ensure that the water supply infrastructure in your house is working well. Dripping taps, leaking and old pipes and other such instances are few important reasons that a house loses water. This calls for a plumbing service that carries out a regular check up of the water and drainage system in your house. The plumbing service will regularly check for broken and leaking pipes, leaking water and septic tanks, and any other aspects of the water supply that is causing the wastage of water. If you wish to hire one, you can find information about the best plumbing services over the Internet.

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