Simple Ways For Losing Weight

By: wendy hearn

Throughout the years, many people have tried and tried and tried to lose some weight, either because they want to look better, or because they want to live a healthier life, or both. 
During this time, many people have surrendered their hope of trimming substantial pounds, mainly because of the sacrifices demanded by various weight loss plans.
I’ll tell you why a lot of people view the prospect of losing some weight as hopeless.  It’s because many myths – false ones at that – have been attached to the idea of achieving and maintaining a lean and fit body.
Eat a lot less, gain less weight.
Work up some sweat, lose an equivalent amount of fats.
Depriving yourself of many foods you enjoy is the only way to lose weight.
These are but some of the things that countless people believe as true when it comes to the idea of losing weight.  Indeed, they are quite intimidating.  Eat less?  How less?  Do extraneous activities?  How extraneous?  Deprive yourself of foods? 
But here’s the real truth: there are simpler ways to lose weight.
In this article, we will discuss the 3 essential components of this simple-to-follow and simple-to-execute course of action that will demand fewer sacrifices from you.
!b>No. 1:  Adhere To A More Active Lifestyle
A friend of mine used to work as a telecommuter.  She managed her client’s needs from the comforts of her own home.  She stayed at home most of the day, sitting in front of the PC with the phone by her side.  In a year’s time, she ballooned to 155 pounds, an increase of 37 lbs. from her previous average weight of 118 lbs., and 45 lbs. above her ideal height-to-body mass weight of 110 lbs.
The following year, she received an offer for a 9-to-5 job as a secretary for one of the leading law firms in L.A.  This meant an hour and a half commuting time to and from the place of work.  She accepted the job because of the irresistible pay. 
Guess what?
In 7 months, she lost 25 lbs.
Sometimes, we live a lifestyle that only allows a minimal number of physical activities.  This can be disastrous for our weight, and as such can slow down our metabolism, allowing a more rapid pace for fat buildup. 
Physical exertion burns fats.  Hence, if you want to lose weight, you should be engaged in a more active lifestyle.
A “more active lifestyle” doesn’t necessarily mean the life of a gym rat (though if you can afford that much time to exercise in the gym, all will be good).  It simply means ensuring that our body accomplishes enough physical activities to maintain a healthy rate of metabolism.
Now, physical activities don’t have to involve pumping iron or enrolling in marathon aerobic classes.  You don’t have to train in 10 sports and practice to be a top athlete.
A set of stomach crunches upon waking up will burn some calories, for example.  Performing a dozen mini-squats during office hours, will burn some more calories. Taking a walk in the park with friends perhaps during your lunch break or instead of catching up for a chat over coffee. These all help you to be more active.
Small, time-efficient exercises spread throughout the day will allow your body to burn enough calories so that they don’t transform into unwanted fats.  More importantly, such exercises will also train your metabolism to maintain a healthy pace.
No. 2:  Make Healthier Choices Each Time You Eat
“Do I have to go through the day with an empty tummy?”
This is the most common question asked by people who are trying – or are planning to try – to lose some weight. 
The answer: no, you don’t have to sacrifice eating just to lose weight.
You need to eat a reasonable amount of food each day to keep your body functioning at its best.  However, you should divide your food into several small meals to be taken throughout the day.  This way, your body will be trained to digest small chunks of food at a time, which is more effective in controlling fat buildup.
You need to also avoid taking heavy meals in the evening because once you go to bed with undigested food, your body will slow down in metabolizing your intakes.
Yes, you don’t have to sacrifice eating, per se.
But, you will have to reduce some of the food you have grown to love.  Calorie-rich meals can be saved for special occasions.  Cholesterol-rich foods should be avoided as much as possible, because they tend to make you fatter and pose health hazards, especially for people who are overweight.  For the same reason, sodium-rich snacks should likewise be avoided for the problems they can cause.
3:  Burning Fats By Eating Well
When it comes to losing weight, the magic word is “metabolism.”  The rule is simple.  Slow metabolism = more weight gain, fast metabolism = more weight loss.  Metabolism refers to your body system’s ability to burn fats.
Hence, the secret to weight loss becomes apparent. That is, establish a faster rate of metabolism in your body.
Now, here’s a piece of good news: faster metabolism doesn’t have to involve less food intake.
On the contrary, it’s possible to say that “the more you eat, the more fats you can burn.”
This can be accomplished through healthy eating of foods such as lean protein, wholegrains, fruit and vegetables.  These choices, in general, also consist of food that are harder to digest, and because the body will exert more effort in digesting them, more calories will be burned in the process.

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