Simple Steps To a Safe Baby or Toddler

By: Chris Robertson

Simple Steps To a Safe Baby or Toddler

Parents of a baby or toddler are utmost concerned with safety. Looking at the number of rooms, in a home, and figuring where to start is daunting. A few simple safety guidelines will put parents at ease. Basic safety guidelines can be used in any room of the house.


Bathrooms are, perhaps, one of the most dangerous locations for infants and toddlers. When bathrooms are not in use keep them closed off, by closing the door. Medicine cabinets are typically out of reach; however if this is not the case, purchase a cabinet with a lock. Bathrooms can be a dangerous spot for items like hairdryers and curling irons, which can burn a small child. Also dangerous are outlets where items like hairdryers stay plugged in the wall. Verify that such items are consistently unplugged and caps for electrical sockets are purchased and inserted into outlets. Make sure water is not left in tubs after use and drained immediately to prevent drowning accidents.

Baby Room

Always make sure the crib and its bedding, as well as baby clothes, are kept away from heaters. Make sure wall hangings like, individual letters of baby names or pictures, are not directly above the crib where injury can occur. Move cords that cause potential choking hazards and wrap them up so positioning is as high as possible off the floor. New cribs have a standard measurement between slats of 2 3/8 inches. When purchasing a used crib from someone, verify that slats in the crib meet this standard. In addition, the child should grow with the height of the mattress, inside of the crib. This simply means moving the crib mattress to a lower setting as the baby begins to sit and stand. Baby toys should not be inside the crib.

Living Room

When arranging furniture double check to make sure it is not positioned next to a window. It is easy for a curious child to climb on furniture and fall through the window or simply pound on the glass, possibly shattering it. In addition, look at furniture to determine if edges are soft. Coffee table corners are a hazard and should be covered with bumpers, available in any discount store. Common house plants are typically toxic and should be placed up high enough that children cannot reach. If older children play in the same room, make sure toys with small parts are not easily accessible, by keeping them in individual plastic containers or keeping only baby toys in the room. Keep gates in doorways to keep little ones confined to a smaller space.


Most any information from rooms around the house can be applied to the kitchen. Like the bathroom, kitchens are one of the most dangerous places for a baby or small child. Keep anything used that could be potentially toxic out of reach in a high cabinet. Alcoholic beverages are also considered toxic. Fasten cabinets and the refrigerator with a latch. Use back burners at all times, when cooking. If this is absolutely impossible, ask for a stove guard as a baby gift, instead of typical baby articles.

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