Simple Rules for Golf Cart Safety

By: Lincoln Davis

One of the necessities in golfing, as most players probably already own, is the golf cart.Golf carts have become a necessity both for people who merely enjoy golf as their hobby as well as for professionals who work hard to improve their game every day.

As a mechanized ride, the golf cart is powered by either a gasoline engine or an electric motor. Apparently, it has come a long way from traditional golf vehicle. Now more than ever, golf carts come in a wealth of styles and can even be customized and personalized to a golfer's liking.

Even as these changes have been embraced by golf carts, one solid rule for using it remains: always be safe. This vehicle, which carries players and their equipment or bags, needs to be driven carefully, following a few simple practical rules.

No matter how much of an expert at golf and golf equipment you are, make sure you read the manual and safety guidelines of your new buggy. You may think you know how they work, but given the many technological upgrades, you might be surprised about some these changes. It is also important that you consciously look for the stickers that provide guidelines or serve as warnings to you as you use the cart.

When riding or driving your golf cart, don't take chances. Your arms and legs should always be inside your buggy when the cart is moving. Tell your riding companion to do the same. The vehicle can potentially catch a part of your footwear when your casually extend your leg outside while the cart is in motion. This can result in injury to you, particularly in your ankle.

Seatbelts should be used. However, many golf carts do not have safety belts with them. If this is the case, make sure you do not ride at top speed or make sharp swerves. It makes sense, too, to never start your cart if your companion is not completely seated yet. It sounds very basic, but some people have been injured – and even thrown out of their buggy – for failing to follow these simple rules.

When driving your buggy, keep a close eye on paths and intersections. Make sure they are safe, particularly in areas where there are bottlenecks such as around or near the clubhouse. Be an educated and careful driver who knows when to stop.

The basic for riding a golf cart around is to drive it nowhere near the course's hazard boundary lines. More often than not, this means keeping it at least 10 yards away from bunkers and casual water hazards, within a 50-yards area of greens or close to any tee box, which have not been designated as a cart path.

Similarly, common sense should dictate that driving your golf cart through off the fairway and through the mud is just as dangerous. Doing otherwise risks your cart's wheels to damage. At the same time, those wheels can damage the turf seriously and leave ruts. Rough terrains are a no-no too. Make sure you don't joyride in your buggy and take it where it shouldn't be.

Golf courses tend to implement changes to rules on riding your golf cart around, often due to weather conditions and perhaps some ongoing construction work. Be aware of such announcements to always be safe as you drive or use your buggy. Take safety seriously for yourself and for the other person riding with you.

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Golf cart safety should be taken seriously. This is a good read for learning the basic rules to ensure a danger-free day in your buggy. Always keep your eyes open for danger signs.

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