Simple Rules To Safe Your Credit Card

By: n0tepad

With the advent of credit cards, appeared so-called ‘carders’. Every day Banks improves credit cards security and access system to client accounts, ‘carders’ don’t lag behind technical side and inventions of new fraud methods. Therefore each owner of credit card, must worry about safety of own money.

1. Work with Cash dispenser.

First of all, it is necessary to follow the true known to all, you should not show your card to anybody, allow to hold it or tell someone your PIN-code. If you afraid to forget your PIN-code, write down it so, that nobody can understand, that means these figures.

Keep in mind, that even bank don’t know your PIN code and if you suddenly forget a code - it is necessary to make new one, and these are additional expenditure of money and time. To draw out money in a cash dispenser is necessary cautiously - be convinced, that nobody can see, what keys you press, look that there is no video cameras near to a cash dispenser and there are no extraneous adaptations on devices of delivery of cash, reception of a card and on the keyboard.

The PIN-code can be entered only on the cash dispenser keyboard. If the cash dispenser is established in a special hall, in which it is necessary to spend a card in cards-readers, the PIN code should not be requested to you. Besides, do not forget about rules to work with a cash dispenser: at the third attempt to input wrong PIN-code the cash dispenser withdraws a card. It is necessary to take money and a card away right after deliveries - a view of safety after a while, they will be withdrawn by a cash dispenser and dumped in the special cartridge.

2. Rules for Shopping.

When you shopping in a trading-service network watch, that the cashier did not pass your credit card through the POS-terminal more than one time telling that, the payment has not passed from the first time. Otherwise you can pay some times for one purchase. Watch, that the cashier has filled only three copies of receipts, and before signing check that all is correct (goods name, cost, the signature of the cashier). If bank acknowledgement has been received on operation fulfillment, and you have refused purchase, the cashier should spend credit transaction at your presence, make out return of funds through the payment terminal. Be cautious, if you use your credit card for phone orders of the goods and services, mail or through the Internet. do not keep the PIN-code on the computer. If you use credit cards in the Internet, here is some advise:

1. Make purchases only on those sites which you are assured.

2. Don’t use a card on sites without coding of transferred data (the address should begin with “http’s”, instead of with “http”).

3. Don’t use a PIN-code at fulfillment of Internet transactions.

4. Prefer sites on which card number at input is replaced with an asterisk or other symbol.

5. Use special virtual cards for making orders in the Internet.

Supervise your bank account.

Don’t be lazy to “recalculate” money - watch the account, check reports on transactions, receipts keep until convinced, that operation is reflected in your account.

Use service GsM-banking: the message of any intrusion into your bank account arrives on your mobile phone. Also hold phones of bank or its centre of client support near yourself. If you received the message of removal your money which you don’t know about, call in bank, and your account will immediately block.

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