Simple Guide To Fix Toilet Issues

By: David T.

Usually, toilet repair is not an easy job and one should definitely seek help from a professional plumber if he/she has no idea about the nature of the repair. However, there are also simple toilet repair tasks that can be done by novice. And if you do them yourself you can save lots of money on plumbing.

First, you need the basic knowledge of plumbing. You can get lots of information from your local plumbing supply shop and you can also visit websites, i.e. online forums, that has a lot of content on plumbing supply. In some cities, you may find some local clubs where people share their knowledge of plumbing and help each other.

Most normal toilet issues are actually simple problems. One of them is the annoying water leakage through the handle of the toilet. There is a simple solution for this problem. You need to check the float ball, overflow pipe and water intake assembly. In most cases the problem is with the float ball when it rises higher than its usual place. All you need to do is bend the arm of the float ball to place it in a lower appropriate position. Although it will not fix the problem every time, but most of time, it does.

Another ordinary toilet problem that occurs regularly is the blockage of the toilet drain. To fix this, all you need is a plunger and an auger. Place the plunger in the toilet and pump for about a dozen times in quick motion and this should clear the blockage. If not, use the auger to loosen up blockage and then use the plunger to clear it. There might be a case where none of this helps, that is when you should call the professional plumbing company. They have more complex equipments for fixing the problems.

Another toilet repair that can be done by anyone is when water leakage occurs and there is water under the tank. Check and see if there is any kind of crack in the tank. If there is, then you may need repalce one or use sealant to seal the crack. If not, check the nuts under the tank and make sure they are tightened hard. If the wax gasket of the toilet failed, water might store under the bowl, in this kind of situation you need the help from the professional plumber. Usually, a plumbing company has experienced professional plumbers, who can do these kind of plumbing job very with no trouble.

Finally, if you are feeling daring and want to replace the toilet yourself, you will need know the size of the old toilet. If you do not know what the size is, just find the model number of it, and ask the assistant in the plumbing supply store. They can find the exact size for you. The model number of the toilet tank usually is labeled on the side of the tank . For most people, it is not a good idea to replace the toilet by themselves. It is because it requires knowledge about both plumbing and the toilet. The wise thing is to get a new toilet and call a professional plumber.

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