Silent generator: an option to avoid irritating sound of generators

By: kamalraj

In the beginning when the invention of electric generators is required people were thinking to produce electricity for the small particular purpose for their homes and small business compounds. They just want to create a power generator which is able to run their appliances like electric bulb, heaters, etc. It was supposed that the very first generator was invented by the Aloisio Galani in 1790 but it was not used by any one. Further in 1831, Sir Michael Faraday makes some changes with their innovative ideas of electromagnetic generator works on his principle of Electromagnetic Induction. But the honor goes to Sir Nicole Tesla who made the first workable unit of electric power generator.

Since then they produce very much sound while running. It is true that it benefitted every one in different places but that sound they produce is unbearable and some places like Hospitals where the power supply need to be constant, this sound cause irritation to patients and may even cause deaths. In schools and colleges, that sound disturb students and make them to loose their concentration from their studies. To get rid from these drawbacks of old generators manufacturers tried to made it as a silent generator. They have not changes the principle at which a generator works, in place of that they tried to make it silent by putting the whole generator in a sound proof box and improving the quality of alternators as well as engine. The box is made up of some special type of material like noise absorbing glass wools, fibers, etc. With these engineering advancements box hinders the vibration in air particles caused by generators’ sound so that we feel that generator is silent. If we measure the sound produced b

y old generators it was around 120 dB(decibel) but after inserting that generator in that sound proof box the level of sound reduced to around 60 dB which is less than the sound produced when we converse with each other.

Today many companies manufacturing these quite generators among them many are renowned like Mahindra, Tata, Swastik, etc and some of them are new like Grace Genset which dedicated their company for the production of these futuristic generators by assembling the best parts and making these parts compatible to each other so that they could become power efficient and consume less fuel. There are different types of generators in respect to the fuel, i.e., diesel, patrol and gas and also in respect to their electricity production power like 1.5kWatt, 2kW, 3kW, 5kW, etc. But most preferred is quite Diesel Generator of 3 KW because of its less fuel consumption cost and adequate amount of power supply.

Before buying a silent generator one must be very clear about its use and where they want to install it. Most of us buy generators for our business outlets. But in summer, when the electricity power tripping is obvious due to the overload of coolers and air conditions generators becoming the need of every common men. Most of us, having Inverters in our place to cop up with power failure and complete blackouts. But these inverters provide power supply for limited time and run some specific appliances. So it is beneficial to buy a silent generator where power supply bound for long time or run the high electricity power consuming equipments.

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