Shoulder Tendonitis Therapy Can Save You a Lot of Pain

By: Nick Bryant

Shoulder tendonitis can begin as just mild shoulder pain especially when you lift your arm to the front or side. You might find that you just get a twinge of pain when you reach for something or you may struggle to get comfortable when you go to bed because your shoulder is painful when you lie on it.

All of the above are early symptoms of shoulder tendonitis. This is an inflammation of the tendons of the rotator cuff which is a group of four muscles that help to stabilise the shoulder joint by pulling the head of the humerus into the socket of the shoulder. These muscles are essential for a strong and healthy shoulder joint but unfortunately they are all relatively easy to injure.

Quite a few of us are born with inherently weak shoulders and can be susceptible to shoulder and rotator cuff problems. Some of us will end up with shoulder tendonitis through a sport or work. Any repetitive over arm movement like stacking shelves, painting or throwing a ball can all cause problems with the rotator cuf ftendons. Bad posture can also bring on shoulder problems as can age. Just gaining a few yeras is often enough to set things off.

So what should you do? The temptation with shoulder pain is to simply take some pain killers and carry on regardless. In the short term you might get away with that. Some shoulder problems will get better with a couple of days rest but if your symptoms persist then you may be heading for more serious problems. If the shoulder pain continues for more than three days then get it checked out.

Shoulder tendonitis is caused by inflammed aggravated tendons. Because the shoulder is such a complicated joint it can lead to a shoulder impingement where one of the tendons is getting pinched against bone whenever you lift your arm. The abrasive action of the bone on tendon causes the tendon to gradually becoming frayed. The fraying causes more inflammation and suddenly you are in a downward spiral with surgery waiting at the end of it.

Shoulder tendonitis therapy is needed if you want to avoid this. It will start with rest to allow the tendon to heal combined with treatment of the inflammation using ice packs and anti-inflammatory drugs. When teh inflammation is under control the pain will go. This is not a cure. In order to avoid the injury reoccurring you need to do some shoulder specific exercises to strengthen the shoulder muscles. This will in turn take the load off the damaged tendon, allowing it to heal and avoiding future injury.

Shoulder Tendonitis is a very common problem. Nearly eight million Americans will visit their doctor this year complaining of shoulder pain. Some of them will need surgery followed by physical therapy to sort out their problems, usually because they ignored a small problem and let it get worse. You can avoid this simply by taking care of your shoulders and doing some specific shoulder exercises.

The great news is that you don't even need to join a gym. These exercises are low resistance and low weight exercises that can easily be done at home.

No excuse really, is there?

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