Should you purchase a refurbished laptop?

By: alisonreid29

The work of most people depends so much on computers these days that having a laptop is almost mandatory. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to find a high-quality new computer at an affordable price. There is another option, though: a used laptop can be equally efficient and almost as resistant and you will need a much smaller budget for it.

The main objection that can be issued against buying a refurbished laptop is that it can cost you even more than a new one on the long-term. In what way would that be possible? You can probably easily imagine the answer: even if you pay four times less right now on a used laptop, it could become unusable in a very short while, which means you will have to invest once again in another computer. If you would have bought a new one right from the start, you would have paid more at the beginning, but used it for much longer, so the investment would have been worth it. The argument is quite well-thought and very plausible.

Nevertheless, the situation does not always have to be like that. On the one hand, a brand new laptop can just as easily become damaged in a relatively short while and, although you might not have to replace it, you would have to spend even more money on repairing it, especially if it is out of warranty. Moreover, if you send it to the company’s workshop to have it repaired or replaced for free according to the warranty terms, it can take so much time that you might regret not having paid for the services in the first place. On the other hand, a refurbished laptop does not necessarily have to have a short life. A used laptop can resist for other several good years without problems, especially if it has been properly maintained and refurbished.

Of course, there are certain aspects to which you should pay special attention before paying for a refurbished laptop if you want to be happy with your deal. For instance, you should only purchase from companies which focus their business on selling second-hand computers. It is preferable to avoid random sellers who post messages on various forums or websites. It is much easier to be misled by an unknown person from who knows where than by a registered enterprise, which has a history on the market and which has already satisfied a large number of customers. Moreover, a professional distributor offers you clear warranty terms and conditions, including the possibility to return the used laptop and receive your money back if you are not pleased by it.

From a different point of view, even when you buy from a retailer, you shouldn’t make the purchase blindly. First of all, if not already provided, you should ask for high-quality and detailed images of the refurbished laptop in which you are interested so that you can examine it for scratches, warping, irregularities or other signs of damaging shocks. The screen should be carefully checked for dead pixels as well, so you might ask to see the computer working through a webcam. Pay special attention to the keyboard and the touchpad, as these peripheral parts are the most exposed to wear. Make sure, as well, that the used laptop has all the features you require – enough RAM, HDD memory, processor speed – just as you would if you bought a new one. Last, but not least, look for deals which include a new license for the operating system. That way, you’ll be able to install and use the computer as soon as you get it.

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