Should You Join An MLM, Or Network Marketing Opportunity?

By: David Michael Wood

When I remember the past six or seven years, it's funny to think life could be any different than wading through the struggles I've experienced in the MLM profession. What I wanted to do, is rather than just give a blatant promotion to join MLM, give you some insider information AND discuss the positives and negatives of being involved in the Network Marketing industry.

Network Marketing can be a great profession to join, and it can be a huge source of pain and frustration, too. There are some misconceptions, however, that are important to understand if you do decide to join Network Marketing.

First, let me just share with you that I joined the MLM industry part time in 2002, and I had an absolutely miserable experience attempting to be successful at it all the way from 2002-2007. I wasn't just a failure in every aspect of my business, but I managed to lose most of my friends in the process of shamelessly promoting my businesses again and again to my loved ones.

If you just glance at the surface of that situation, you might think that I should have quit. (In fact, a lot of well intentioned people encouraged me to.) The fact is that looking back today it was a darned good thing that I didn't.

Why can I justify joining MLM after 5 years of failure? Well, let's take a look at a brief comparison. I never graduated from college. After one year of tuition at UVSC in Orem, Utah, I decided much against the advice of my parents to attack the world as an entrepreneur.

The average household income for someone who's a high school graduate without a college degree in the USA is $25,900 per year. At the same time the average household income for someone with a professional degree is $109,600. While I certainly am not willing to make any income claims, I'll say that I currently make way more than anyone I know who works in the professional arena.

So should you look at how well I've done and go out and join a random MLM company? Well, let me tell you the TRUTH how I see it. You might join a Network Marketing company and fail miserably for your first five years AND the statistics show that most people will experience a certain level of failure before they have any kind of significant MLM success story. However, statistics show that for those who stick with one MLM company for 10 years or more, you have a dramatically higher chance of earning a six figure income than almost every profession in the USA. So once again, are you going to treat your business like a professional? Or are you just trying to get rich quick?

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