Should I file for bankruptcy?

By: Ingrid Sure

If you have taken into consideration the possibility to declare bankruptcy, then that means you have serious debt problems and you have already exhausted other choices. Before making a final decision on that subject, letís try and find a little bit more information on bankruptcy. As other methods for debt elimination, it presents both advantages and disadvantages. The one thing you have to think about is if your current situation can adapt to bankruptcy.

Outstanding debts need to be paid off before you suffer unwanted consequences. Given the increased number of people who fall into the same situation, creditors have become aggressive and often declare bankruptcy on their clients, hoping to recover at least part of their money. Other forms of debt management present clear advantages but they are not recommended for all clients. If you go through a genuine financial crisis, then itís for the best to start reading on what bankruptcy really means. It might be your last resort but that doesnít imply itís a decision you should take lightly.

Filing for bankruptcy before your creditor requests it first is a smart choice. It will show that you want to solve your debt problems and that you expect full cooperation from your creditor. Bankruptcy is a clear statement that you have considered all other debt strategies and that you are prepared to take such a step. Nevertheless, you have to remember the biggest disadvantage. The legal process of bankruptcy will be entered into your credit report and remain there for a period of 7 to 10 years. It will generate certain difficulties on the long run.

Comparing debt management programs with bankruptcy, we discover that each have their advantages. The first are generally taken for debt consolidation, with the intention of using the money left for investing or savings. Even though debt management programs have attractive terms, there are still many people who are unsuccessful. The income is always a problem and most credit deals are based on being a faithful payer. Bankruptcy is indicated for financial situations that are desperate, allowing in the end another chance. It might be put on your record but it offers plenty of new possibilities.

Debt is often caused by an entire array of problems. You may have lost your job, discovered you suffered from terminal illness or had to go through a divorce. All these things can cause debt to accumulate, leaving you in serious trouble. If you have decided to go with bankruptcy, then you should know that there are certain eligibility criteria. There is a minimum amount of money to be owed and you must not be able to pay debt under any circumstances (even if your property or other assets are sold Ė you are insolvent). The advantages are clearly represented, allowing you to escape current debts and start afresh. There are two main types of bankruptcy, each with its own conditions. We are talking about liquidation and debt adjustment. Be sure to contact a specialist in bankruptcies and discuss the benefits of each.

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