Shopping Alert - Do Not Buy An International Calling Card

By: Robert Thomson

If you have family members living in a different country or travel a bunch you more than likely make a good amount of long distance calls, and a good portion of them are more than likely international.

A good way to save on those international long distance calls is to use an international calling card. Many calling card providers offer extremely low long distance pricing which can save you 90% off normal long distance prices.

While many international calling cards can save you on long distance calls, there is one way they can end up not being cost efficient. Adhere to these shopping tips to make sure you get the best available rates on international long distance. If you don't use these shopping tips, you are guaranteed to fail and not save a thing.

Shopping Tip 1: Always pay attention tothe billing increments that will be charged to your card. If a promoted price per minute is 5 cents but the increments are billed any more than one minute then you can more than likely pay for minutes you didn't useutilize. This can add up fast for frequent short calls or messages.

Shopping Tip 2: Look for any surcharge fees. A surcharge is a charge that applies to certain calling circumstances such as pay phone call, location of a call, and even just for accessing your phone card PIN period. Not paying attention to your calling card surcharges can deplete a prepaid card or pile onto a pay as you go card account quickly and without much warning.

Shopping Tip 3: Find out if there are any monthly fees, yes, even with prepaid phone cards. Many calling card companies will charge a monthly fee for each month the card is or isn't used. There are providers that do not bill any monthly fees and it is these phone card providers that you will want to find when shopping for an international calling card along with the criteria set above.

Shopping Tip 4: This is the most important shopping tip of them all, mainly if you travel overseas frequently or if you are buying an international calling card for a loved one in another country. Absolutely pay close attention to the call origination numbers. If a card only uses domestic access numbers then it will not be cost efficient for use outside of the country of your origin. Focus on purchasing a card with access numbers available in the origin you will be visiting or sending the card to. If you get a card without international origination numbers, you can very well find you won't be able to use the card without paying another source to access the number which is very draining and useless.

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