Shop Fittings That Can Help You Sell More

By: Stan Quinn

If you manage a shop or are otherwise in charge of the shop floor, then it's important that you spend a lot of time and effort thinking about your shop fittings and your interior design. If you think that this is just about being practical and organizing your different elements, then you are missing the point rather which is that shop fittings can actually affect your customers on a psychological level and encourage a lot more sales if you get it right. So just how do you go about getting more from your shop fittings? And selling more as a result? Here we will look at what you need to do to make your items sell and how the right furniture and layout can have such a profound impact.


One of the most well known ways that shop fittings can help you to sell is with POS displays. This stands for 'Point of Sale' meaning that they're the displays you put up right where your customers are handing over the money. This means in other words the stands that you get right at the checkout or by the queue where people are waiting to pay. These are incredibly effective because they bypass the 'barriers to sale' that prevent people from making impulse purchases. The point is that the customer has already made the decision to buy at this point, they've already queued and they've already gotten their wallet out - so by presenting them with an item at this point you can encourage them to pick up something that they otherwise wouldn't make the effort to buy.

The Isles

There are many roles for your isles, and these can make a big impact on how your shoppers interact with your store. For instance by hiding certain things at the back of the store, you can get people to search for them - which is effective if you know you have something that people are looking for. At the same time though your isles will also dictate the order that your shoppers go round, and here you need to decide whether your customers would be more likely to buy a particular product at the start of their shop or towards the end. If it's a big shop then your customers might be feeling like some chocolate and a drink by the end - why do you think they're always the last isles in supermarkets?


The shop fittings like your clothes racks, shelves and more will have a big impact on the way your customers perceive the items they display. For instance if you want something to look premium you of course need to set it out in a way so that it's separate from everything else and so that it has more space and attention. On the other hand though, a less organized look like a 'bargain bucket' or a clothes rack for sale items can make your things look cheaper and can create the satisfying feeling of routing through and finding a 'bargain'. Think about the impression you want to create when you display your items.

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