Sharps Disposal: Various Programs That Keep You Safe

By: DanPartridge

There are various types of sharps disposal programs which people can use at home, in offices, or health establishments. These programs are structured in a way that would meet the type and size of operation in your establishment.

Sharps disposal programs are just within your reach. You have to research on the available programs near your area so you would know which sharps disposal system to use. There are approved household containers for self injectors and there are collection sites where sharps are finally disposed. Communities also have hasardous drop-off sites where batteries, computers, oil, and even sharps are taken care of.

There are several methods to discard your sharps. Whether you are in a clinic, pharmacy, or any other health department, there are ways to keep you safe from accidental needle sticks. Although not entirely available in all locations, these methods are by far, the most cost effective for the end user. Here are some examples:

In-Home Individual Technique

There are a myriad of products available for self-injectors at home. These systems range from devices that burn the needle, sever the sharp, and retract the needle. There are also transportable and portable sharp containers and many other types of canisters for your sharps disposal at home.

A variety of products can also destroy used needles. These devices can melt the sharps into a non-hasardous pellet and break or snip the needle. The process eliminates or reduces the danger of sharps entering the waste stream at home. Other needle destruction devices may also be available for home use. Simply call your sharps disposal providers and educate yourselves on the methods.

Special Waste Pick-Up Service for Residences

Once placed on their proper containers, sharps are set outside the home for pick-up by waste handlers. Trained personnel will visit your community and collect the “special” rubbish outside your home. Some programs require customers to call for a pickup whilst others offer collection schedules on a regular basis.

Managed Container Collection Sites

There are several popular places for sharps disposal. Pharmacies, fire stations, hospitals, medical waste facilities, doctor’s offices, and waste drop-off sites include these areas.

Mail-Back Programs

Sharps are also cleared out through mail. They are placed on proper containers and are mailed through special postal services. This method is often available for community collection sites and individual injectors as well. Mail-back programs are especially essential to rural communities which lack proper medical waste pick-up services. This sharps disposal method is a reliable and safe way to eliminate risky needles in far flung areas.

Syringe Exchange Technique

Drug users are able to trade their used syringes for new ones. This program is funded by the local government or non-profit organisations. The spread of infectious diseases is often limited through this program since needle sharing is prevented.

There are many other possible ways utilised for sharps disposal. The programs may be implemented by your local government or managed by certain community organisations. The techniques may vary from one community to another. You may contact your sharps disposal providers and inquire about these particular services in your area. They will gladly assist you through the proper disposal of your sharps and they may even provide some services for safe elimination of your rubbish.

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