Sharpening A Knife is No Child's Play

By: Jerry Blackburn

Far from the conventional bench stone, Knife sharpening is nowadays a skilled area. Though such forms do exist nowadays, you can get much more sophisticated equipment now for sharpening any type of cutting device or knife. The tool you choose depends on your personal liking and what you need to sharpen.

Grinding Wheels for Sharpening

There are grains in grinding wheels, abrasive in nature, which help in sharpening the knives and cutting away all unevenness in the material. Wheels use abrasive materials of different types. The material that we come across in most wheels is aluminium oxide. A large variety of different oxides, are made use of for this purpose and are indicated by a number and a letter. For sharpening bronze, annealed iron, steel, and wrought iron Aluminium oxide is used.

A blend of zirconium oxide and aluminium makes Zirconia alumina. A combination of such proportions leads to a durable wheel apart from being great in sharpening materials made of alloys and steels. It is used very commonly almost next to aluminium oxide.

The latest material to be utilized for grinding wheels is Ceramic aluminium oxide. Being a sturdy material it is used whenever precision work is necessary. Ceramic aluminium oxide, at times, is blended with other abrasive materials. The blend normally changes according to the need and material that needs to be sharpened.

Wheels come in a gamut of shapes. The commonest form is the straight wheel. They have a front facing cutting edge. Another common shape is the cylinder wheel. In such wheels the front of the cylinder houses the cutting edge.

While choosing the right wheel, another factor to consider for the job is grit size. For example a lower number like twenty four or ten, means a wheel with a coarse grain. On the contrary a bigger number, say 180 or 100 is fine grain. These are used in finishing purposes since they can take away minute metallic pieces from the knife's edge.

Sharpening With A Bench Grinder

There are many who use Bench grinders for sharpening of knives, since they are a cheaper option. You can use these for shaepening lots of things like, knives, hand tools, drill bits, and cutters. The wheels are available in diameter sizes of 6 or 10 inches and can be mounted on a workbench. Normally the motor has a horsepower ranging from 1/3 to 1. In order to better the degree of sharpening accuracy and maintain the steadiness of the wheel, a good bench grinder uses a tool rest.

Sharpeners for Chain Saws

Do you have a chainsaw of your own? If you do, a chain saw sharpener is necessary. An easy option of sharpening a chainsaw is an automatic sharpener. When you lower the wheel the chain gets locked in place. The angle of the sharpener should be maintained and the tooth properly positioned; when finished the head should promptly be pulled up and the next tooth properly positioned. To make sure that the sharpening is uniform use automatic sharpeners.

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