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Logo designs are of various shapes and in a variety of styles. But there are some things which can make a logo design even more attractive and more comprehensible to public. And there are chances that the public can even turn to a future customer after seeing that logo design.
When logo designers start designing a new logo, let’s say an automobile logo design of an automobile company. The client wants his automobile logo design to have a speedometer at the top (that will be the shape the clients want) obviously the business logo designers will make that as its demand of the client. But adding a new concept that even the client couldn’t think of, will give the business logo designers an edge over other designers in his field.
Here, the business logo designer makes the speedometer (that shows that the logo design is for an automobile) and adds a mechanical tool in the typography of that logo design. The mechanical tool (wrench) can be used in place of the letter (I) and nose pliers can be used in place of (X). These are some of the shapes that can be put in place of the logo designs.
These shapes can also be added in other logo designing fields. For example in Accounting logo designs, a currency coin can be used in place of (O) or an in industrial logo designs any machinery can be used in place of any letter.
They help in a way to make the logo design familiar with public. That is people can see a logo design but cannot get a proper idea what the logo is about unless there is no tag line involved. But if the typography has some letters that depict the type of work, of that specific company will make the logo design much more oblivious and familiar.
In this way people can get a idea about the company without reading the text or the tag line of the logo. And think if the logo is placed at some higher place let’s say a billboard than it will be seen from far away and will make the desired customer see it and he will instantly learn about the type of company and its work which will place him in a better position whether he should attend that company or not.
These are some of the qualities of using a shape in the typography of a logo design.

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