Shaggy Rugs for Seventies Glamour

By: Caitlin Hammond

The seventies is synonymous with the shag look. Shag carpeting was everywhere and lined the floors of homes across the Western world. This fad or trend has changed in recent decades and no longer is that carpeting a popular option in home d?cor and interior designs. That does not mean, however, that the shag look is gone. Instead, shaggy rugs are a style trend that is not only remaining but thriving in the new, modern era.


Shaggy rugs add an element of texture to the home that other, more conventional home decorations do not. The extended textile can be fun and fanciful, especially in an otherwise structured room. These rugs should stand out as a focal point all on their own. A large area rug can be a great option to place on hardwood surfaces or flat floors as a way to contrast the starkness of the floor. This is a great way, then, to use shaggy rugs in a way that creates an element of drama and contradiction.


Another reason that shaggy rugs can be a great addition to a home is that they can fit nearly any size space. There are several different manufacturers and creators of shaggy rugs that the options in size are endless. If you are considering decorating a small space, consider a smaller shaggy rug as an option for your needs. If you have a large floor that could really use an accent piece, consider a large piece of floor flare. This is a great way to brighten up the room and cause some drama through texture, as aforementioned, and with so many shaggy rugs out there, you are sure to find one that will fit your room.


Colour options are important in decorating a home. Whether it is in the wall paint hues or in the colours of the furniture, these are important to giving the home the aesthetic appeal that the decorator or homeowner want. One of the reasons that shaggy rugs are such a popular option is that they offer a wide range of colours in home decoration options. There is literally a colour of these shaggy rugs in every family of hues and this is a great way to ensure that they can be used in most of the settings and homes that want to decorate in a certain colour palette.


Shaggy rugs, used in the right way and size range, are still a trend that is very popular in home decoration. For that reason, they are readily accessible and still a great choice in home d?cor. Further, because of this popularity and the mass appeal, there are also several manufacturers of these rugs to choose from. The result means access as well as affordability. Shaggy rugs are a staple piece in home d?cor that does not appear to be leaving the style scene any time soon. If you choose these pieces, then you can be sure to have longevity of design in your home choices.

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Some domestic items were extremely popular in the seventies, but that doesn't mean they aren't just as great to spruce up the house with now. This article talks about shaggy rugs and how, irrespective of time, they still make a great addition to the home.

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