Sex Toys In The USA: Defying Popular Opinion

By: Cathy Hampton

Even in this more progressive, enlightened, and liberal age, there is still a stigma that buying, selling, or using sex toys carries. Even for sex toys in the USA, where it is supposedly the land of the free, and where people are free to chase their own happiness, mentioning using, buying, or selling sex toys in public can cause a few raised eyebrows from your audience. Unless you’re a horny and drunk teenager playing truth or dare with your equally drunk and horny friends, it’s considered as crude to mention sex toys when having a “civilized” conversation.

Usability Of Sex Toys:

What is it with using sex toys that causes people to react the way they do? It is merely the way that they look? Many sex toys -especially vibrators, dildos, and male “pleasuring devices”- are modeled to look as close as possible to genitalia, and that causes can be part of what causes the reaction in some people. Most of Western society are taught from an early age that showing your genitalia in public is considered rude and vulgar (not to mention, illegal), and here is a sex toy just hollering to the world what is usually kept under layers and layers of clothing. A sex toy is no different from, say, the tires of your car, or the spatula you keep in your kitchen cabinet; they’re all made from either rubber or silicon, it’s just that the sex toys are molded differently.

The taboo of sex toys is not just in the way that they look, but rather, in what they represent. Sex toys in the USA are representative of the movement to embrace sex, and distance it from the “shameful” and “dirty” connotations that it once had. Sex was once taught to be a “tongue-in-cheek” act, something that you do to procreate, and nothing more. In the past, it would be inconceivable to announce in polite company that you are using a sex toy, and buying or selling sex toys is something that one should keep to them. However, as times and cultural views are changing, sex is not as taboo as it once was. What’s more, more and more people are coming to accept sex as more than just a mean to multiply. The view is slowly shifting towards sex as an act that implies freedom, love, enjoyment, and intimacy with another person.

Why People Like Sex Toys:

Sex has become part and parcel of modern society, and it can be seen pretty much everywhere from movies, to television, to written media. The Internet is abounding with sex, and people are even making legitimate and successful online business centered around sex, such as the online sex shop, Here you can see various sex toys for sale, for both male and female users, for solo, partner or even group sex acts.

Of course, sex and sex toys are not readily accepted in society just yet. There is still embarrassment and discomfort when talking about sex in polite company, but people are coming to accept talking about sex as a normal thing, and more and more sex toys USA are being sold by the minute!

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