Several Legends about History of Christmas Tree

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Christmas tree, as a symbol of Xmas, is an important part in the biggest winter festival. Not only the tree, but also its image is widely used on holiday items, like Christmas cards, holiday decorations, But why and how it comes from? What is its origin? There are many legends around the world telling us history of the Christmas tree.

Legend 1. In a Christmas night with heavy snow and strong winds, a farmer saw a cold and hungry child in front of his door. He welcomes that little kid with a big Xmas dinner. When saying goodbye, the kid fractures a branch of cedar tree and stick it in soil, saying that: As reward to your kindness, gifts will hung over this beautiful tree every year in this holiday. After the young child went far away, the branch became a little tree. At that time, the farmer understands that he meet an angel of God. Even after, Christmas tree becomes the popular custom of on the winter festival.

Legend 2. Late of 16th century, Martin Luther, revolutionaries of Germany religion, is the first person who decorated indoor trees. When came home from a little town, on the Christmas Eve, to let people see beautiful night view of the village, he light up some candles on a little fir tree, using light of candles for recreating shining stars. From that time, chiliasts decorate a fir tree every Xmas night. After, this custom spread from Germany to other countries. On Xmas night, big city or remote small valley, houses of rich or poor, Christmas tree is everywhere.

Legend 3. The first Christmas tree was a small pin tree on side of a road in Bethlehem. The night before Jesus was born, Virgin Mary and St. Joseph was so tired when they walked to Bethlehem. Virgin Mary took a rest under that small tree. The tree expanded its branches, to prevent the Virgin Mary from blowing cold wind. At that night Jesus was born, meanwhile there is a big shining star with wonderful light on top of the evergreen tree. Ever after, evergreen tree take a important and glorious part in the biggest holiday.

Legend 4. Christmas tree comes from Mystery plays in Germany on middle ages. The most popular one is Garden of Eden, performing God created man, the original ancestor crime and were expelled out of Garden. This play always was performed on open square or church. The evergreen tree was used to present Garden of Eden, symbolizes the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. When the custom of playing in church disappeared, the Eden tree was keep and went into Christian home other places. The evergreen tree is a sign of everlasting life with God. The trees were initially decorated with ornaments, such as fruits, sweets, snowflakes, bells, stars. After 17th century, lights were added as Christmas tree decorations to symbolize grace light of Jesus.

Above stories can be answers to your kids when they are questioning what the history of Christmas tree is. No matter which legend is true, Christmas tree has become worldwide the most common necessary object on Xmas.
On Christmas night, the whole family gather sitting together, light up the tree, exchange gifts, and enjoy happy time. To protect environment and save trees, nowadays people mostly use artificial Christmas tree. So as Christmas cards, digital version is more environment-friendly than paper copy. Check here to see how to create a stunning Christmas e card. For those who you could not share the Christmas Eve together, why not send them online Christmas cards.

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