Services Offered By Commercial Cleaning Companies

By: Jerry Marshal

Businesses and corporations usually work out of large offices with dozens of employees making up the workforce. Keeping the premises and the interiors clean and habitable requires work. Some offices may have their own cleaning crew but most prefer to outsource work to commercial cleaners.

The term commercial cleaning refers to companies that hire out cleaning services whether in the form of a maid service, janitorial service, outdoor cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and basically everything else that requires the use of professional equipment and more manpower. They also cater to residences where decks, garages, walkways and porches need professional cleaning on occasion.

Commercial and office environments

Commercial centers like shopping complexes, showrooms and restaurants witness high traffic between opening and closing hours. Refuse and dirt naturally build up and since such establishments have an image and a standard to live up to, regular cleaning and maintenance is required.

By hiring professional cleaners, the management does not have to organize in-house cleaning crews. This saves money, time and resources to concentrate on more important areas of business operations. The cleaners generate revenue while the clients enjoy well-cleaned and maintained environments.

Both interior and exterior areas are cleaned. This includes indoor floors, windows, railings, stairways, podiums and walkways among others. Exterior surroundings will include gutters, drains, walkways, pavements, driveways, steps, gardens and any other place that sees activity.

Other establishments that hire professional cleaners include schools, healthcare centers and government buildings where work comprises the same required in the establishments mentioned above.


Residences like houses may not be large but they still need professional cleaning every once in a while. The surroundings are usually outdoors although some may hire the maid services of commercial cleaning companies. Here, maids are tasked with dusting, window cleaning, vacuuming, taking out trash, polishing and waxing. The cleaners usually come in once or twice a week and clients are typically owners of large houses who can't dedicate time to household chores.

If it's the exterior areas that are to be cleaned, it's usually gutters, porches, decks, driveways and yards. The seasons also play a role where summer rains and storms bring down branches and leaves and transport dirt and refuse around residences. Snowstorms cause clogging of drainpipes, drains and gutters which can undoubtedly be cleaned by homeowners but which stand to benefit from professional expertise.

Benefits clients enjoy

The benefits of professional cleaning are many with the most important being high quality services. Commercial cleaners use professional and industrial-grade equipment which is not affordable for many. The cleaning crew is trained in their use and also has thorough knowledge in various cleaning techniques.

Another big benefit is cost savings. Hiring cleaners comes at a price but since the work doesn't have to be undertaken every day, clients don't end up spending much. Plus, the logistics, manpower, training and cost needed to organize their own cleaning crew can prove to be too great. So, by depending on commercial cleaners for hire, both parties benefit from the services of the other.

Certain standards are set that commercial cleaners must meet. Aside from aesthetical factors, a clean environment ensures better health, important especially in commercial and office environments as they or their clients can be held responsible and sued by employees and customers in case of injury.

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