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By: Mel Joelle

SEO technology comes with numerous various varieties, including tools, applications coding, files and widgets. Use of SEO technology to code a website is vital. It helps search engine robots to crawl and index a website. Some year’s beck, webmasters struggled to develop a friendly search engine URL to ensure that pages were indexed. However, flames hampered with the site crawling. Recently, webmasters have placed prominence on W3C the corroboration, although the SERP’s is not reflecting this need.

SEO Word Press, toolbars, and black link checkers are the common bits of SEO technology which are necessary to serve customers. There are a wide range of tool bars which work with Firebox and Internet explorer browsers to scan the page to deliver results like the density of the keyword, ranking data, and black information among other important information

Word press plug-ins like SEO title tag makes the optimization work of the blog simple and easy. SEO technology has been constructed over years. This has been done by programmers into searching software as a shopping cart or a word press like the beefed or Ecommerce up Loaded edition that numerous features work right out of the box.

SEO technology started with keyword search. Applications like the Overture Tool have been useful SEO technology for searching keywords used in different online searches.

Some popular applications in the field are those applied to assess the keyword density of the page., SEO charts, SEO books have popular applications for page scanning and delivering required results.

Another SEO technology device that has made optimization work easier is the dozen tools. Dozen devices are used to check back links of a website. From Yahoo and Google, to SEO moz to Domain search, there are plethora applications and methods to choose from.

Widgets are another technology bit that has grown popular over the previous few years. If widgets are promoted and coded properly, they can be applied as bait link to attract numerous links to site of the client. If a widget goes viral, it will help cut down time taken for building a link for a website.

There are other SEO technologies that help promote a website. Files like, movies, music, PDF games among others can be applied in publicizing a website to gain important back links. Coding, creating and marketing the files can pay numerous dividends in extra sales and traffic.

Though SEO technology has assisted in advancing the industry, newest technology has not replaced skills of optimization experts who interpret data and made required adjustments. For example, the back link application mentioned previously provides a better compact of information. But, it is for the experts to interpret the data and make necessary fixes into action. The information will then be sent to the website of the client.

SEO technology comes a long way from the early days of Meta tags, keyword filling and throwing a cluster of senseless text at the base of the page. Both technology and the SEO skill of data interpretation have advanced to the stylish level which is available presently.

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