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By: Mel Joelle

There are many techniques that can be implemented into your website or blog to boost your rankings in the search engines. The first and most common technique is to build your site around a chosen pair of keywords that are highly searched and aren’t being targeted by authority websites. Your post should have different variations of your selected keywords at least three times for every five hundred words. Putting your search terms in < h1 > tags as close to the top of the < body > as possible will also dramatically improve your ranking for those keywords. When appropriate you should put your search terms in between the < strong > tags and < u > tags for an additional boost in ranking.

Putting your keywords in your domain name, blog post, titles, and image names is a big plus. Make sure not to put too many of your keywords throughout your website because your website will lose rank for “keyword stuffing.” It is a very good idea to link all of your pages to one-another to improve ranking and help the search engines spiders find your the rest of your website easier. When linking back to yourself you should always be using your targeted keywords as your anchor text for the link.

Developing a relationship with other websites is a great way to increase your traffic and gain extra links back to your website. Register your account with Google, Yahoo, and Bing webmaster tools to get updated results on your websites status and errors. Make sure to set up a 301 redirect to your website as well as a sitemap and make sure to submit the sitemap to all of the search engines in the webmasters area. Make sure to compress your images to the smallest size possible so they have a fast load time and only use JPEG/PNG format files for your images. Using the words “image” or “picture” in your ALT tag for images will increase your search results for that particular image.

Try your best to get links back to your website from high page rank websites. Always make sure that the links that are pointing to your website are relevant to your topic. There isn’t much link juice involved when your website is about “cars” for example and your being linked to by a thousand websites about “weight loss.” A great way to get relevant links back to your website is to search your competitions links and visit the websites where they are getting them from and make a post with your link in it.

The absolute best way to gain ranking in any search engine is to provide the highest quality content possible. Any content that is copied from another website will be caught and will hurt your ranking enough to lose more than half of your visitors. Content is king so make sure to keep your content fresh and unique. The search engines tend to rank post that have a higher word count compared to post that have been shortly written.

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