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By: Mel Joelle

Seo ranking factors are the most important rules that must be kept in mind before designing a website as these rules determine the success of the website.

Some of the prime factors that determine seo ranking are stated below-

Content of the website must be authentic and genuine. Fake or thin content may degrade one’s website to a great extent. Thus maintaining authenticity and integrity of the website is very important. The targeted keywords should spread throughout the content naturally.

The lesser the advertisements on the web page, the better. The web page should be presented as a source of information and not for promotional purpose. Removing the advertisements from the top of the web page is gives it a better ranking.

Optimizing the website to run at the maximum speed and efficiency is another ranking factor. Videos should be incorporated only when necessary as they make the website really slow.

Adapting the popularity of the social websites by uploading the site’s popularity graph up, to make the optimum use of the bigger customer crowd is an intelligent way of speeding up the rank to a higher number.

Age of the URL is very important as it implies how well a business is established. An older URL predicts an older, hence more reliable and settled business and helps built trust. Also the URL structure should be clean.

The domain hosting plays an important role in ranking factor. A reputed hosting company is preferable in such cases.

Being well connected is essential. Users should be able to smoothly glide from one webpage to the next. Thus the interlinked structure should be clean and correctly connected with minimum JavaScript and flash.

Gaining the trust of search engine is crucial. Keeping a mailing address available for the viewers and customers for their valuable comments builds trust and improves ranking of a site.

Improving the bounce rate is another factor. This can be achieved by getting the visitors engaged to the website with simple things like a free signup or registration for receiving updates. Changing the content of the site frequently with recent topics is another way of enhancing bounce rate.

The outbound links must be completely relevant and must be done sensibly as this means sending the visitor away the site to some other site.

Keeping the number of mobile users in the internet is important as the use of mobile internet is gradually gripping the market. So releasing products exclusively for the mobile internet users can give a kick to the seo ranking.

One should make sure that the neighbors of one’s server are not marked as spam.

There are many extensive factors that influence ranking. And it is of utmost importance to get these factors right. Besides the benefits of a high ranking website are plenty.

A higher seo ranking ensures a high return on investment. The websites that appear on the top ten searches are perceived as the most reliable sites and gets the most clicks by users. A higher ranking generates more leads and increases the sales. A higher rank naturally means beating its toughest competitors in the market.

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