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By: Mel Joelle

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a marketing discipline that is used to achieve high rankings with search engines. SEO Consulting has become big business in recent years as businesses big and small move to establish a web presence. This is one best way businesses have to attract visitors to their web sites.

Everything business related that is created for the web should be search engine optimized. This includes: web-sites, content for web-sites; articles; advertisements; blogs; and, blog posts. Properly implemented SEO generates top ten placements on major search engines which lead to quality traffic on the business’s web-site which in turn leads to increased sales of products and services.

In theory the internet can be seen as the great equalizer. It gives small businesses the opportunity to compete with larger businesses on an equal basis. No matter the size of the business SEO can get the company in front of perspective customers as they are searching for the company’s products and services. This perfect timing is the key result of a properly implemented SEO strategy.

There are eight common steps in the SEO process. Not all steps are needed for each project however. For example, a startup business does not receive a traffic analysis because there will not be any data to analyze. The following eight steps are generally used.

Technical Site Analysis of web page construction - Some technical items are helpful while some are harmful as search engines crawl through a site, necessary changes are identified accordingly.

Competitive Analysis based on products and services and keyword effectiveness. By determining what the competition is doing tactics can be adapted to move ahead of then in the search engines.

Keyword Research to find the words and phrases people use to find information related to your products and services. Tools like Google analytics are used to determine effectiveness and to expand the list of key words and phrases. Finding the most effective key words and phrases is essential to a successful SEO effort.

Development of a Search Strategy to improve search engine results for the web-site. A step by step plan is laid out to achieve best possible results for the key words and phrases used. This includes internal modifications of design, navigation (internal links) and server architecture.

Optimize Website Content based on key words and phrases in the right places. This will include recommendations for additional content to generate additional traffic. The more key work specific traffic the site receives the better; this is how increased sales are generated over the internet.

Continuous external link building that helps achieve better search engine ranking for the web-site. This is done by using web directories, press releases, forums, articles and blog posts to establish external links back to the web-site.

Monthly Monitoring and Adjustments based on ranking reports and metrics that document search engine results from key words and phrases. SEO tactics are adjusted based on the most productive key words. This process continually improves the overall effectiveness of the SEO effort.

The eight step SEO process will generate increased sales and revenue for any business from the internet world-wide market.

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