Sense Of Belongingness In Customer Service

By: cathy

With whom are we at ease and really feel comfortable with? We feel comfortable with someone who does not question our abilities and capabilities. If someone doubts our actions especially the words that come out from our mouth, this can become a heavy load on our head. When someone doubts us, they start questioning and demanding explanations from us. We feel at ease to somebody who trust us and accepts us.

An unconditional acceptance of oneself and by others improve one's self esteem and self-awareness. Any individual in such a state will perform at his best especially in the workplace. One notable point in today's business scene is that two of the main ingredient that people want out of work is validation and to feel like they belong. Validation is the sense that the work outputs that employees perform are acknowledged and the ideas that they suggest or open up especially for the welfare of the company are heard. Sense of belongingness on the other hand is the feeling of every individual in the workplace that they are part of a team. If these two items are dealt with in a significant manner, it can reduce a lot of stress and improve relationships at work. If employees are enhanced and totally aware of these two feelings, they can naturally influence the way they handle other people especially if dealing with business such as customer service.

Customer service is a function of how well a company constantly and exceedingly meets the needs of its customers and of how a certain product or service meets the customer's satisfaction. High quality customer service helps create customer loyalty. Customers today are not only interested in the product they are being offered but most of all, they are also interested in the additional intangible elements of service they receive. Such elements are from the greeting they receive, to the tone of the voice from the other line when you complain on a defective product.

It would be worthwhile to think on how a customer can feel a sense of belonging when he or she calls a customer service representative for help, query or instructions. Customer service representatives engage in various seminars and trainings to assist them in dealing with customers of different personalities and of different wants and needs. Customer service agents must know how to make his or her customer at ease with them to make the customers feel they are generally heard and given importance.

Research shows that thoughtfulness, sincerity and tactfulness help in retaining the company's most valued asset --- the customers. When a customer experience such feelings from a customer service agent, it will provide opportunity to relate to one another and strengthen their sense of belongingness to the company. It is often as a result of trust and therefore must prove to be trustworthy not only on the product level but on the people and the company as well. Thus, attaining the first sale may have been achieved, but retaining a customer is often, if not, the most important.

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