Send Your eBay Buyers Into A Frenzy Using Listings With Pictures

By: Graham Waite..

eBayers love listings with pictures. I don't think it would be too bold a statement to say that pictures can make you stand head and shoulders above any competitor in any market.The reason is people are now programmed to look for visual conformation of the information provided and if it's missing you will lose your prospective customer in the click of a mouse.

It might take a little extra work taking good photo's of your items but it can bring huge dividends, especially if you're working on tight profit margins or selling products which really come to life with a good quality image such as cars, real estate, antiques, collectibles etc . But lets look at why they are so effective?

If you want to know why your customer likes to find photo's in your listings you don't have to look far.You will probably have noticed when scanning eBay youself that those listing you tend to have brought from have all had illustrations or photo's.Ask yourself why? I am guessing but it was almost certainly that these listings gave you more confidence in the seller am I right?

The use of digital photo's gives our customer the confidence they need to make a buying decision, they feel they can almost touch the item and it makes their owning it feel more more real. This is always preferable to something that they can only picture in their mind with your written description, which is all they will have to make a decision on without a photograph to illustrate your item.

A digital photograph screams out to your customer saying buy me ... imagine I am yours. When searching for an item your customer will be looking to find what they want quickly and with minimum fuss. Often people are pressed for time maybe only having a few minutes to look during a work break or after a busy day looking after the children. Busy people want it now and as time is money they are often prepared to pay that little bit more to get what they want quickly.

But if you want to reap all the benefits of the response pictures can bring, then what should you do? Here are a few simple tips to make your pictures look even better and stand out from the crowd more and just as importantly give out that message of quality and trust.

If it needs more than 1 or 2 photo's to really describe your item properly don't skimp.I accept eBay will charge you for using their service for each image but this problem is easily rectified, all you need is a web hosting account which will only cost a few bucks a month and you can load as many images as you want.

I understand that the thought of adding images to your own web space has probably sent you in to a blind panic but it really is not that difficult to do. But if you are not comfortable with this you can find video's all over the net and on my blog at .If that still leads you cold you can usually find a college kid or even your own kids will be able to do this for a few bucks for you.

Improve your pictures.You might want to touch up or enhance your pictures, their are several free programs on the net you can find for this just search for 'image editors' in your favorite search engine.Using this type of program you will be able to adjust things like brightness and contrast to show your photo's in the best light possible. I personally use Adobe Photoshop but it is a bit complicated to use so I suggest maybe you stick to a free resource until you are ready to upgrade in your eBay business.

Take better photo's. Buy if you don't already own a digital camera, they are now quite cheap and are worth much more than they cost to your business.The traditional 35mm camera with film really doesn't cut it online.Pay attention to how you take your pictures don't just ignore the background and framing of your photo's .

If you're not sure of yourself when it comes to photography, an empty, lightly coloured table against a white or nearly-white wall is always a good place to put things when you take photos of them. I personally choose to use a white or light colored sheet as a back drop but you can experiment and even be creative but avoid being too tacky as it will look terrible.

In another article I will be showing you how you can take things up another notch by using the ever popular digital video to put your listings above your competitors even more.

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