Selling a Used Tanning Bed Cheap

By: Trevor Mulholland

We often come across articles that teach you how to find and scrutinize cheap tanning beds for sale, but how many actually try and help you sell a tanning bed for cheap? You may have bought a new model and want to get rid of it at a fair price, where do you turn in order to learn about pricing your bed in a fair but affordable way?

Well, you must first be conscious of the market. How popular are tanning beds in your area? How marketable is it in our location? A person who is selling a tanning bed for cheap may fail to get the product noticed if she or he is not in the right area. It will be difficult to sell off a used tanning bed, no matter how cheap, in a sunny state wherein people don't make it a point to own tanning beds, for example.

If tanning beds are popular in your area, and your bed is in fairly good condition, you may be able to set a fairly high price for the used bed. Do your research: contact people who have advertised selling their own tanning beds in your location, and ask them for their prices. Do legwork if necessary, so you can see the condition of the beds yourself.

During your research period, ask the selling owners pertinent questions regarding the status of their beds - things like: is it in good condition? What extras would come with the bed (a brand new set of bulbs, replacement lamps, tanning lotions, etc)? How long have they had the bed? How much time is left on the warranty? Take notes and see how you can do your own pitching when it's time for you to advertise.

On the other hand, if you are selling your bed in a location where used beds are hard to sell, perhaps a lower price would be better for attracting buyers. You may opt to waive the lower price and throw in something attractive, such as free transport charges, which could be covered by the payment made to you.

Make sure to keep your bed in top condition. A bed that is in good condition, no matter how old, would still be more sellable than a bed that has been visibly neglected and misused. Unremovable stains both on the interior and exterior of the bed are a definite no-no. Sure you're trying to sell the bed for cheap, but presentation matters! Besides, the person you're selling the bed to may not want a used bed for his or her private use - perhaps he or she wishes to resell it, in which case a beat-up bed would not be in his or her buying agenda.

Preserve the documentation that came with the bed. Knowing the worth of the paperwork is a must for all new tanning bed owners. Important documentation would include the warranty card, the users manual, or any other troubleshooting guides for the bed and its separate parts. Having all the important information in order may help you sell your tanning bed for cheap; having the warranty intact, with a while left to go, may actually be quite attractive to a discriminating buyer.

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