Selling Resale Rights Ebooks

By: N.Nabachandra Singh

When selling resale rights ebooks it pays to study the sales letters packaged with the products and look for creative ways to improve them and make them unique. The effort you put into customizing will pay off in future sales. For more help visit to: are some ways to make stock ebook sales letters stand out from the crowd. First Check the Competition In the resale rights ebook marketing game you are bound to have competitors. This shouldn't worry you but you should know what you are up against. Before deciding on your ebook sales and marketing plan search for sites selling the same ebook you are and study the promotional methods they use. You will likely find that very little thought has gone into marketing the product. This is good for you. It's your chance to stand out from the herd. Create Multiple Headlines the most important part of your ebook sales letter is the headline. If it doesn't grab the readerís attention right away chances are he or she will just click away from your page. Write more headlines for your ebook sales letter even if you're happy with the one you have. Different benefits of owning your ebook will appeal to different readers. Make a list of the problems that owning the ebook will solve for your readers and create a headline for each one. If you have trouble writing headlines search for sites selling similar ebooks and study the headlines used in their sales letters. Another way to learn how to create attention-grabbing headlines is to look closely at the newspaper. Most large newspapers have professional staff that do nothing but create headlines. Study their methods and learn. Once you have an arsenal of headlines at your disposal start testing by rotating them on your sales page. This can be done manually by changing the headline and reloading your page, or automatically with a script that will change blocks of text on your sales page after a set number of displays. Be sure to set up ad tracking so that you will know which headline is getting the best response. Modify the Ebook Sales Letter When looking at the competition's sites you probably found that most of them were using the same sales letter that came with the product without bothering to make any changes. You can do better. Read the sales letter carefully and compare it to sales letters that you found enticing and make changes. Look again at your list of product benefits and decide if some of these should be emphasized for the market you are targeting. Add Quality Bonus Ebooks if you have a stock of similar resale rights ebooks available, create added value by offering some as bonuses. You can create powerful incentives for readers to purchase your resale rights ebooks by offering high quality bonuses that equal or exceed the value of the ebook you are selling. Be sure to explain the benefits of owning the bonus ebooks with a bulleted list. Boost the Ebook Guarantee Many people are afraid of being cheated when they purchase products online. It's your job to make them feel as comfortable as possible about buying from you. Make your guarantee for the resale right ebook as long as your payment processor will allow. On the ebook sales letter, put your guarantee in a separate box in a handwriting font along with your full name. Offer a method of contact for after sales service. Offer a Refund in Return for an Ebook Testimonial Well written, honest testimonials can really boost sales of resale rights ebooks. By offering to refund the purchase price of your ebook in return for a testimonial you stand to gain a powerful selling feature. You also reassure your customer that your company is solid and will be around for the long term, and you give him or her way to get something they need at no cost. For more help visit to: the most well written resale rights ebook sales letter can be made more effective by customizing for the market you are targeting. The effort you put into reworking your sales letter now is sure to pay off for you in the future.

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