Selling E-books with Resale Rights On eBay

By: shakti

E-books are a hot, hot seller on eBay. Sellers love e-books because there is virtually no limit to how many times an e-book can be reproduced and sold. Just one e-book can bring in years of income on eBay. But there is a whole other world of digital e-book sales that most eBay sellers don't even consider - and it can bring in more income than you have ever imagined.

You may not have realized it yet, but the majority of e-book sellers on eBay don't actually write their own e-books. Some sellers may commission other writers to draft e-books for them, but this can be an expensive route to take. For more, most sellers purchase e-books from other sources, and resell them on eBay over and over for a profit. They can do this because they purchase resale rights, which allows them to sell the e-book to as many people as they want.

Selling e-books with resale rights taps a new market that is rarely ventured upon. You are actually selling a product to sellers, who in essence, are doing the work for you. Instead of marketing your e-book all over the internet, hoping for a sale, you can market your e-book to sellers looking to get their start on eBay, and let them handle the rest. There are some restrictions you should consider, however.

Many sellers who are looking to purchase new e-books for resale are looking for master resale rights. Master resale rights allow the buyer of your e-book to sell the e-book with resale rights to someone else. You may think this is unimportant, but you could lose sales by giving someone else permission to pass along resale rights. Restricting resale rights for your buyers can keep your profits up, without creating competition for yourself with your own e-book.

Most e-books are sold with normal resale rights, which is the method you should consider using. Normal resale rights allow your buyer to resell the e-book they have purchased from you, but it doesn't allow their buyers to resell the e-book themselves. for visit normal resale rights, your buyers can sell as many copies of your e-book as they want, but their buyers have to purchase from you if they want to sell the e-book themselves.

Catering to the sellers who want to get into selling e-books on eBay can be a great way to make money while working from home. Whether you draft your own e-books, commission e-books to be written for you, or simply purchase master rights to someone else's e-book, you'll have a never ending market of buyers to sell to.

You don't have to stop at one e-book, either; as your business increases in popularity; you can add additional e-books to your inventory. Since e-books never get old, you can build up an extensive inventory as you grow. The more e-books you have to offer, the more money you will obviously bring in. And the marketing is practically done for you - everyone is looking for something to sell on eBay, and you'll be the one offering it!

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