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Are you tired of playing the same old games again and again? Do you feel the need to upgrade your collection of games now? If you do think that you need to have a new collection now then you must look at the cash available. Unfortunately at such time we gamers are out of cash and with a huge stock of old games. Well it is not something to agonize because the old games can be very easily sold for cash. All you need to do is sell CDs of the old games and use the money to buy new ones. Get started with the selling process now and make a list of the new games you need to buy. Selling old games is easy and it can be done in three phases.

First phase

Start your search for all the games you ever purchased. Search thoroughly around your house for all the CDs which may be lying here and there. Search in every nook and cranny of your house and bring all the CDs and DVDs you find in one place. You need to make sure that you leave out nothing when you sell DVDs. Ask your friends if they have ever borrowed some games from you; you need to ask them to return them as well if they are not interested to purchase them from you. Now that you have every game dug out now you need to proceed with the phase two.

Second phase

Now you need to do a quality check before you sell CDs. Check every CD should be in its correct case. This would take some time and you will be amazed to find many CDs in wrong cases. It happens to almost all of us. We feel too lazy to look at the cover where we are putting in the CD. The CDs that you find without covers will belong to the empty cases you find. Complete stacking them in their correct cases and then you will be ready for the toughest part. You now need to make sure that your CDs are in a state to be played. Sort out the heavily scratched, dented, bent, cracked and broken CDs from the stack. These CDs cannot be sold and unfortunately you will have to throw them away. When you are done with all the quality checking now lets proceed to the final phase which is selling them.

Third phase

Now log into the internet and type the words sell DVDs in your favourite search engine. Open a site from the recommendations that have been brought up by the search engine and begin your selling process. You would be required to sign up and then start entering the UPC codes in the given box. Your invoice will be now generated automatically. After you have inserted all the serial numbers choose the best payment method and you will be given an address to ship all the games. Put all the games in a box and send them to the address you have been provided. As your games reach them your payment will be released and now you are at liberty to fulfill your dream of buying all the games on your wish list.

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