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It is the dream of every gamer to get a new game every week. For those dependent on their parents it is hard to buy new games especially when they see loads of games in your room. One way is to throw the old compact discs of games in trash so you can fill your room with new CDs and DVDs of games that you love. But you must also realize that throwing them in the trash will end up in trash forever as the CDs and DVDs will never be recycled. Hence leading to carbon dioxide emissions increasing for our planet. One other way to get rid of those extra games is to sell games. You can simply log on to and sell games for cash. All you have to do is send us your parcel of games DVDs or CDs. It does not matter that games are of play station or Xbox. All we care about is that the CDs and DVDs of games do not end up in trash. Also the games have to be original.

We have strict policies for pirated games discs. After you have entered the bar code of all discs on our site and printed out the receipt. You can now go ahead and pack the parcel according to the instructions. Keep in mind that you have to have at least 10 DVDS or CDs if you want to sell games for cash. Less than 10 games we do not accept. We will tell you where to drop off your parcel to sell games. We have free shops around UK. So you do not have to worry about paying for the courier. In fact we are helping you by taking the trash away from your place. This way your mother can be happy too. After all who minds a nice clean room? Once we have received the parcel, we will release your payment. The payment will be made in form of pay order. It takes hardly one day after we have received your parcel. You can get it cashed and enjoy selling us your games. Please make sure you follow the instructions while packing the DVDs or CDs of games. If you have more than 50 items in your parcel then it is best to utilize our free pick up service.

Our team will contact you and schedule a pickup of your parcel from your place. They will deliver the parcel to the company absolutely free. Isnít it a great idea. Sitting at home selling games DVDs and CDs of unwanted games. Best part is you can also sell mobile phones. We pay for the mobile phones as well. By recycling you are playing your role in this whole environment saving process too. Now do not wait anymore just send us your DVDs and CDs so you get paid for selling your games. You can save that money to buy new games and once you are tired of those you can always sell them back to us at a price that we quote.

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