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By: Axel Price

In the context of saving the environment from pollution, reducing automobile emission is the foremost task. Catalytic converters fitted in cars reduce or convert the level of harmful gases to acceptable limits of less harmless substances like carbon dioxide. Metals like platinum, rhodium and palladium are used as catalysts in these converters. The presence of precious metals creates an urge for many to sell catalytic converter which is past its prime, for a good value. The catalytic converters may be in various stages or degrees of erosion after continuous conversion of poisonous gases. A bad catalytic converter is when the converter fails to reduce pollution level from car emission.

A catalytic converter can malfunction and become a bad catalytic converter due to a variety of reasons. It can fail when it gets blocked. But, generally a converter has quite an extended life span. In case there are some impurities or additives in the fuel, the effectiveness of a catalytic converter is reduced. You may want to sell catalytic converter because of its reduced capacity to check the emission level and replace it with a more efficient converter. There is no need to worry as solution is there on the internet. Several dealers buy and sell these catalytic converters and have informative websites providing all the necessary details.

Catalytic converters are listed according to grades and categories in the online catalogues. To sell catalytic converter you have to take a picture and upload it on the various websites, providing details like whether it is from diesel car; dirty brass or clean brass; full or half full etc. Those converters which have a hollow inner chamber are termed as ‘half full’. A new converter will get a good value according to the percentage of metal it contains, whereas a replaced one will contain less of the precious metals. The surest sign of a clogged or bad catalytic converter is when the speed of the vehicle gets reduced.

A catalytic converter becomes a bad catalytic converter when the engine is not tuned properly. The converter along with the engine starts failing. When excess fuel enters the exhaust system, it heats the converter to extreme levels which can even melt the converter. Spark plugs should be checked and cleaned regularly to prevent excess fuel to enter exhaust system and the converter. The cylinder containing the catalyst is made from fragile ceramic hence if the undercarriage bangs or scrapes bumpy roads the converter can get damaged. The price you get when you plan to sell catalytic converter will be greatly lowered if it is damaged. The cost of the metals determines the value of the converter.

When you want to sell catalytic converter you will get a lot of information from the websites of agencies dealing in converters. Once the value has been fixed the dealers often arrange for shipment of the converter at a nominal cost. And, it saves you a lot of trouble of not having to search for a shipping agent and not worry whether it will reach safely. Since a bad catalytic converter will lead to the vehicle failing the auto emission checks, it is wise to get the emission level tested periodically. Keeping your vehicle’s emission level within limit can be a great contribution you can make towards controlling pollution.

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It is better to sell catalytic converter when its efficiency is lowered. A bad catalytic converter affects both emission levels and speed of the vehicle.

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