Sell Xbox 360 games for cash by following 3 simple rules

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Have you hit the dead end again? Hundreds of games in your library but nothing to play? This happens often with passionate gamers who like to play new games and have already mastered their previous ones. Now that you have reached the same point you need to buy new games. When was the last time you bought a new game? Do you have money to buy another one now? Probably not because it has not been long since you bought the last game and have spent all your money on it. Now you need to trade in games for cash so that you can buy a new game.

You old collection of games has cost you a fortune to get them all. Now is the time to get your money back because investing always is a hard thing to do unless you own oil wells. Sell your old games because you neither play them nor will you ever try them in the near future so collecting games and wasting them is not a smart thing to do. It will earn you enough cash to start building a new collection of latest games. But before you go all crazy over selling your old games you need to follow some simple rules set out by the buyers whom you sell Xbox 360 games for cash or any other games for cash.

The rules to follow:

• Make sure that the games are in perfect condition. No damaged, scratched, dented, bent, cracked or broken CDs are sellable. They will be rejected and you will be claimed for a refund of the amount you have earned on it.

• Games must have their original covers and case. CDs without covers will be counted as pirated or non original CDs unless you have the serial number or the UPC to prove it. The buyer will have to buy a new cover for it and he will deduct its price from your money. So better arrange a cover than an argument.

• Original instructions manuals must be included. These manuals contain special game instructions and teaches the players how to run it and play it. Some games are not so easy to learn and they require the gamer to read the instruction before playing.

These are the three simplest rules which are applicable instantly when you trade in games for cash. Buyers check the CDs thoroughly just like you when purchasing so you need to be sure that you will not have to face a claim. Once you sell all the CDs you want to sell you can buy a new game to play or you can even buy a new console or any other thing which you need to enhance your gaming experience. There are thousands of sites which buy old games. Just log onto the internet and type the words “sell Xbox 360 games for cash” a huge list will direct you to the sites where you can sell your games and earn money against them.

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Trade in games for cash
Sell Xbox 360 games for cash

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