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By: Bohlmann Wiltse

Please remember that the adhesion you are hoping to achieve is simply the molecular force of attraction between two unlike materials. The cleaner and purer the surfaces of such materials are, the larger the adhesive bond is going to be.
All surfaces have to be dry and clean, which demands the removing any moisture, grease, or dust. Really the only exception to the rule comes when utilizing some cold start adhesive goods like the double sided foam tapes. Such products carry a patented special formula which allows the adhesive to form good bonds even though wear surfaces where moisture vapor occurs.
If you find any contamination at first glance at reason for contact, then a glue will put simply form its bond with this rather than the first surface. It's advocated that IPA (isopropynol alcohol) be harnessed to get a soap, as a result of power to evaporate quickly and without leaving greasy residues. Using tissue paper or lint free cloth, wipe the surfaces one way only to avoid re-contamination.
Always form your bond at ambient temperatures to avoid condensation problems unless using our cold start technology range, as moisture must be considered a form of contamination all of which will ultimately weaken the adhesion.
When applying your tape it's imperative that pressure is applied to secure the mandatory bond. This ensures maximum surface contact and molecular attraction. Some time and Temperature can also increase molecular attraction therefore will heighten the adhesion. Once the adhesive makes contact we call the molecular reaction the 'wetting out' process, as well as the longer the adhesive remains to 'wet out' the stronger the text will probably be. With regards to the adhesive technology getting used, it is recommended that the 'wetting out' period be between 8 and A day.
Solvented acrylics which may require approximately Twenty four hours to completely 'wet out', although a great 60% of the bond strength will probably be achieved immediately. Water acrylics, again these adhesive formulations are generally quite hard and desire as much as 24hrs to 'wet out'. We contain the Hotmelt rubber adhesives that are softer formulations and built to give really an immediate grab, with little 'wetting out time' require to achieve full bond strength.
Solvent Acrylics are often useful for the more demanding/outdoor applications, because most of the formulations have good temperature resistance and grow stable under conditions where strong UV light could be present. These adhesives have a fantastic level of potential to deal with plasticizer and thus allows you to form good bonds to flexible PVC.
Water Based Acrylics give a good general performance and is modified with rubbers to increase their adhesive power as needed. These formulations normally have good shear characteristics, but could give high amounts of adhesion when modified.

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Ordinarily have good temperature resistance self adhesive tape plus the pure water acrylics may also supply a good amount of UV stability for outdoor applications.

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