Selecting the proper Tempo for Ultimate MMA Conditioning

By: James Barter

Tip #1 - Minimize the eccentric tempo to minimize soreness (eg. 101)

Muscular harm happens primarily because of micro-trauma that occurs during the eccentric phase from the muscular contraction. So in the event you reduce the quantity of time you're performing the eccentric, you're going to minimize your soreness.

Now no matter your tempo, whenever you introduce a brand new physical exercise that you are not used to into your routine, you're probably going to obtain a little sore. But as soon as you've become adapated, slow eccentrics will lead to much more soreness, whilst faster eccentrics will reduce soreness - that is great for fighters.

Tip #2 - Lift explosively to stimulate the high threshold quick twitch muscle fibres (eg. 10X)

Lifting explosively will create your quick twitch muscle fibres and improve your power. This really is exactly where most coaches say, "Just lift as quick as possible, no matter how quick the bar is moving." When you've got a heavy load on the bar, you are going to be working difficult, but the bar will not be moving too quick. This is OK, you are nonetheless stimulating the fast twitch fibres.

But you also wish to train with lighter weights at a quick tempo, so you develop the velocity component much more, helping you build both your strength and explosiveness.

Tip #3 - Lift slower to stimulate the slow twitch muscle fibres (eg. 202)

Slower tempos are frequently ignored by numerous coaches and athletes alike. The benefit to slow tempo training is hypertrophy of your slow twitch muscle fibres.

You might be thinking "Why would I want larger slow twitch muscle fibres?"

The bottom line is that in the event you neglect slow twitch fibre development, you'll need to use your fast twitch fibres for most of your movements. These fibres tend to rely much more on the anaerobic power systems, resulting in fatigue.

Inside a fight, you are working for five minutes. So the much more you can function utilizing the aerobic energy system, the much less you will fatigue, since the aerobic energy method does not run out of power.

Then whenever you have to tap into the lactic system, you are able to, and you can recover quicker, because the aerobic system contributes to recovery from the lactic system.

So there you have 3 tempo suggestions to discover about and implement into your training to make you a better conditionined, stronger, and much more powerful fighter.

You need to integrate these concepts into your training to understand your complete potential as a mixed-martial artist.

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